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Pre-Launch Podcast series – Join Now!

The prelaunch podcast series, join now! interviewing people topics about productivity, profits, leading with kindness, profits and a happier workplace culture.

Aimed for Business owners, CEO’s Executives, C-Suite is the audience. Maybe even for the solo-entrepreneurs as they have a seat at the table as well. Heart@Work has been promoting kindness for businesses, team work, mental health and wellbeing.

In the Podcast series be featuring speakers, business owners like yourself who are leading your business with kindness, compassion yet you are still having a very successful business. Some of the things you have noticed is that people work together cooperatively, are collaborative, everyone tends to care for each other, you tend to have a higher bottom line also.

Even though I started Heart@Work 18 years ago, based on introducing kindness in business, there was a lot of flack. If you stop to think about it most people even perhaps you, don’t like to work in a negative environment. When this happens mostly likely you are making plans to leave. What can CEO’s and Business owners do to create a better company, get great reviews, retain employees, clients etc? I’ve always have said, “Fish rot from the head down,” it’s the same in any organization.

Like Gary Vee says, “The top person it’s your responsibility as a CEO to set the tone.” This video is about your legacy.

If this is something you want to learn more about, opt-in and get the series in your mail box. You can watch them as they are released. The people on the calls will be hand selected. If you could learn or pick up one or two things to help you, you’ll begin to create an impactful company.

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To access this free series, just enter your name and email address- I’ll send you an email with all the details that you need to have to watch & hear them.

You’ll learn how to create a happier culture and more productivity.

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