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Ready to have Happiness?

Who doesn’t want more happiness. Happiness is all about finding what does and isn’t working for you and reverse engineer it.

If you are ready to gain more happiness you need to write a list of things that aren’t working for you, decide which things you are willing to let go of. The balance on the sheet of paper are the things to stop accepting or doing.

Happiness also comes from just being kind to someone else. Brian Sherrington a friend and sponsor of my Kindness Conferences – he would say, if you are unhappy go help someone else. Soon you’ll feel good and will be happier.

Join a webinar with Arnie Fonseca Jr. & Mari-Lyn Harris

What’ does Kindness got to do with Happiness?

Arnie Fonseca Jr. has a big Dream, He wants to Empower Men around the World to realize that they are never alone, that they are capable of achieving anything if you have the right tools, strategies, and strong grounded Men around them. That no matter what stage of life you are in…You can create an Epic and fulfilling life!  You can be totally fulfilled in your relationships and in all the other areas of your life, love and work.  Be Great! Start NOW!

Mari-Lyn Harris, has a big Dream for World Kindness. She believes that if every person did 3 acts of kindness everyday then as easily as three years it would be so. It starts with being Kind to yourself first. Your relationships will become more kind, loving and happier for it. My focus is to work with companies to help them to have happier places to work in. The results means more productivity, energy, less stress and a better bottom line.

We’ll be sharing about our experiences and we would Love for you to join us, bring your questions to the conversation. Invite your friends to join us!

Here’s the details of the call:

Time: Jun 12, 2019 7:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

How I got onto Kindness – I asked God how I may serve after being burnt out for awhile. The answer I got was “Kindness Conference.” of course my reaction was, what’s this? I quickly remembered I said, I would do anything. I ended up moving from that city to another city got a job. Then I started asking people by sharing what I wanted to do: To create a Kindness Conference. Could they help me? One person led me to the next person. Spirit/God interjected and did the networking for me.

Happiness is Kindness in action. Once you get a big idea or something that you really want to do.. you must go after it. Don’t go it alone. Get some support. I encourage you to join one of my Mastermind peer groups to support you on your journey. There isn’t anything that you can’t do, have or be.

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