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Show yourself some Kindness

Show yourself some Kindness especially when you are at Ground Zero. Which means when it feels like you’ve hit bottom. It’s done for us, not to us!

It all started on my trip to Canada, I was there for thirty days, 3 weeks of connecting with people I really wanted to see and spend time with.  

The last week that I was in Canada, I was invited back to a friends house to perhaps pick up some extra work earn some extra money – (didn’t happen) Yes, I did some extra work, wasn’t deemed to be paid for.

This gal, a former friend showed me a side of her that I found confusing,  she was generous, yet would throw negative comments towards me. Of all the things she wanted to do with me, she only had me do things for her, like pulling weeds and cleaning her husbands’ office. (which he did not want to have done)

If I was sharing some news or comment to a conversation she would, tell me that I was rude. She didn’t want to hear about the topic. “The Unhoused,”  Sorry we can’t put blinders on and say our city or province doesn’t have any!!  Just Google it!  You don’t like the topic? Perhaps you can go out and learn more about it. Be a part of the solution. Showing some Kindness.

Ok, I accept, I get upset when I’m interrupted multiple times when I am talking. This annoys me, it leaves me with a feeling of being disrespected.  

I woke up the next morning – it was time to go. Plus, during the day her keys came apart from my key chain. The force from the Universe spoke.

Along the way, I found myself being ghosted by my own blood relatives and family as well.  Even though this happened, there was not a lot of feeling about it.. ok, next!  Here I am, trying to keep everyone together, or insert me into their lives. They obviously aren’t interested.

I’ve since returned back home, pruning who is going to be in my life and who isn’t going to be.  I’m going to stop obligating myself, less people approving and more finding some bliss in my life.

Showing some Kindness for me means to recognize that everything is “done for me, not to me,” choosing who I will accept to have in my life.  Those who I am hanging out with.

My best friend/sister Gail says “it’s a great time to start creating your own sister or family of whom you want in your life.” Can’t force people to be in my life. Work on finding my own tribe.

Do you have this problem too? Show yourself some Kindness first, self-care you could say.

Remember, you are a big freaking deal.

I found these ideas in a book that I was called to.. “Get off your ass and into your life.” by Dani Driusso.

Your dare this week is one word: EXPAND.

Every time you feel a little hushed or feel you have to hide your bright light that is shining, instead start to imagine your light is shining bigger and brighter.

Do this exercise multiple times during the day.. in the morning or when you enter a room Stand tall, shoulder width, open up, knees soft and easy with complete support in your stance.

Close your eyes. Trust you are being held by the universe.

Imagine the word EXPAND how does it feel? How would it walk now? How would it act, exist and speak? How would it move through life?

Now imagine all the doors and windows open inside, use your solar plexus. Flick on the switch, and let the light keep shining through. Be the light, imagine it expanding. Be ok with being VIBRANT.

Moving off ground zero into the big beaming light. Owning all of it.  It’s the new expansion of yourself. Keep showing Kindness to yourself.

As you do this a few times, you will begin to feel The Joy of Ground Zero, its’ a reset for you.



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