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The Courage to be Kind

The Courage to be Kind was the theme for the WorldKindnessUSA Launch – which was held in Long Beach, CA on July 27-29, 2018. 

A Few Founders
#Always be Kind
Cherryl Justiça Rosie

Cheryl, Justiça, & Rosie

In Long Beach celebrating

Long Beach, Kindness Usa

Long Beach, CA


Ca Recognition Of The Launch

World Kindness USA

California certificate of recognition, 2018

+ The courage to go forth in what you want to achieve even if someone doesn’t agree with you.

+ The Courage to stand with your values and not cause any harm to anyone.

+ The Courage to respect other people, even if you don’t like or approve of their viewpoint.

Here’s a few pictures from the event, I know there ere many more from other people they are showing up on Facebook now.

If you want to join Friends of Kindness join here.

If you are from Canada you can join WorldKindnessCanada on Facebook.

We are all World Kindness Ambassadors now.

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