Transform Your Life with Kindness

Transform your life with kindness and why you should. It has personally transformed mine. Kindness is still alive and growing.

Yes! When I wrote this article I was merging into Heart@Work, it was my community site for Kindness. Originally Kindness was the theme for Heart@Work, and have merged more into a community to help business owners to embrace kindness to help them develop their culture in their workplaces. Kindness is still alive and growing. I believe more people are ready to use this wonderful application in their business as well as in their personal life.

As a child I was bullied and sought out approval which has not served me. Then I end up hurting myself rather than helping myself. As years have gone by, I got into Kindness as a way to explore of being kinder to myself and sharing this concept with business owners and their employees.

I have been an employee in many companies and experienced bullies, managers who shouldn’t of been managers and yet companies are based upon results – some of them have abused their employees to get the results rather than having care, attention and kindness to get what they want and have great results.

This new section is about kindness, it’s about giving permission to share stories of kindness. People are nominated by their peers. The awards are given away on World Kindness Day Nov 13. I also have encouraged other Bloggers to write about their own stories of Kindness. It’s just about getting the message out about how it really does effect us personally and in our business community.

Look forward in hearing your stories about Kindness how it has affected your life, your business and in your community. Read more about nominating people for the Kindness Hero Award.

If you want to know more about what other people are doing with kindness check out this group for students, things that they can do.



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