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Ways to Say Thank you

7 Ways to say Thank you. Once you have created a community or your own tribe you’ll want to stay in touch with them.

Thank You

Creating your own Community page or group is a wonderful way to get to know your clients, customers and connections.

Have you heard of Time Banking?
It’s a community of one hour at a time. It’s where everyone has something to give. Time Banks create trust and well-being by asking people to share what they can offer to help.

The spontaneous Thank you, give a time dollar to to a family member, or a work colleague or a client or when you are out networking. This certificate represents your commitment to give. Plus, have you ever said to someone call me let’s have a chat? And you forget who they are? A time dollar is great for this and why not just say what you are willing to do something for them using the time dollar.

You can simply create gift certificates to give to your customers with a reward, or gift, it’s your choice.

Surprise a member by mailing out Appreciation cards or a coffee card.

Do or send out a random act of kindness gift. Like a postcard letting them know you are thinking about them.

Give them a blank Time Dollar to share with someone else.

Donate to a cause that matters to your their name.

Create you own Award to give out, when you catch them doing something good.

A simple Thank you! will do too.

Kill People with Kindness

Share your vision with delight

Little-Known Ways to Spread Kindness

There are so many ways to say Thank You, leave your suggestions below in the comment box.

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