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What is Kindness?

What is Kindness? Making a difference in people’s lives is our biggest challenge and yet it’s what people want the most of, they are craving more people to be so.


Recently I returned from a road trip of which I picked-up all my paperwork about Kindness and the challenges we have with it.

Questions that we need to ask ourselves like:
• How does kindness help others?
• Who are the people that use kindness as a tool or a way of being?
• Can Kindness be a market maker?
• How can I be a leader in shifting and changing the world?
• If I don’t get involved in making a difference for someone else how will I feel?

We need to appreciate to understand the value of love and be compassionate towards each other. How can we experience the big “O.” No, I am not talking about orgasm, I am talking about relationships, about making the connection in making a difference in someone’s else’s life. The art of people includes: Respect, Appreciation, Kindness and Gratitude.

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Here’s a few ideas to help shift and inspire people to spread the word of how Kindness could change a business:

• Give people cupcakes on their birthday
• Write articles on how Kindness has affected your life
• Show compassion by giving a smile away, give a hug, listen, celebrate humanity, have empathy and be nice
• Write cards of appreciation – what a difference they make in your life or in the workplace
• Be an information hub
• Gather like-minded individuals together to facilitate a project – ie. Smile Cards
• Do lunch and learns about how people can make a difference
• Listen to people tell their stories
• Be compassionate

Kindness forges meaningful relationships and connects us all. Paying it forward is giving an act big or small to reach out to another person. It’s a gift that we give to each other. The hardest part for most of us is to receive this gift. We need to be willing to receive help, and open our hearts.

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What are your pet-peeves about kindness? Do you believe it makes a difference in your life?

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