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What is your BIG dream?

What is your BIG dream?  We all have a big dreams, it’s just being willing to share it and be it.

Even though one of my BIG dreams is Kindness, this takes several forms like being kind to me, others and my community. I guess you would say, my community dream is for the world.

For myself it includes eating well, getting excerise and having the right mind-set. By sharing my purpose and passion with people I will find people who want to join me.

We all shifts and movements going forward or sideways or we zigazag along our path..however when we are really clear in our hearts of what we want to offer everything flows..I mean in the flow of the Universe or God whatever you want to call this.

From this point we can begin to reap the rewards, the connections, the people who come into our life to help us or to offer some assistance.

I was at a women’s event last night, it was amazing of how these young women were full of vitality, energy and passion for what they are doing. It was exciting. I learned a few things too…of how often I can get stuck in my story or not receiving by just listening and not judging what people are suggesting to me, to look at things in a different perspective. I honor these women who were in the moment present and willing to listen and accept the feedback. How many times have you assumed that so and so doesn’t want your services? It’s true, not all people want to buy your services.. however this allows you to get more clarity in what you want and who you really serve.

It’s taken me several years to come to my purpose and mission, if you have always known what you want then it ought to be pretty easy to put into flow your purpose. Some of you may not know yet what your big dream will come just listen to your heart and what it says to you.

Dreams are all possible..

Your dream could be something that you’ve been thinking about since you were a child, it could be a passion or cause of something that happened in your life and you want to change they way the world is or from a sickness or something happened to someone close to you and you decided to do something about it.

When you find your tribe then all things are possible, you’ll grow your following – once you do then they will help you to fulfill your dreams. By the way, it doesn’t have to be a business it could be something that is purely a giving to your community.

The more heart-centred you are the more people will’s being authentic. the more you ask for help or assistance more people will help you. This is why I encourage you to develop relationships with people, all people not just in your tribe, as they will have people in there own tribe that may feel a connection to your cause.

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