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Why more death doulas are wanted

Why more death doulas are wanted. As a Life Transition Advocate I provide education and heart work assistance to those who desire a holistic and peaceful death.

Aiming for 1 million people to be educated about how to care for those who are at the final stages of their life. The end of life movement and what Doulas do and what are their roles?

Doulas were once servants who supported women through childbirth. End of life movement, are people who support people in the death phase of life. Clients face intensity, doubt, and suffering, which takes many forms, including spiritual, emotional, physical, intellectual, and psychological. There’s difficulty. There are heightened feelings and reactions. Dynamics shift and sway, threatening our sense of foundation—the anchor to our past, present, and future.

When someone is dying, Doulas are trained to notice the breathing, their communication, sleeping, how present they are, what they need and want, pain levels.  The patient maybe ready to enter into active dying. They want to know what to expect, how long will this go on for?

How Might Doulas Serve?
The main task of a doula is to offer emotional support. In every word, touch, approach, and method used, we bring careful attention to the inner well-being of our clients. 

We believe in people. 

We honor life and the mysterious enigma of death. 

Our aim is to listen deeply and provide personalized, nonjudgmental care to promote our clients’ growth and sense of agency. 

Doulas are non-medical roles, they are advocates for the person is making their transition. Doulas and medical teams work collaboratively, respecting our common goal of providing superb holistic care. Increasingly, hospice and palliative care programs are now including doulas on their teams.

Doula services can include:

  • discovering a client’s wishes; legacy work if it hasn’t been done yet
  • working through a client’s anxieties;
  • honoring and holding sacred space; no judgement
  • leading guided imagery, visualizations, and breathing exercises;
  • promoting informed consent;
  • assisting with legacy and completion work, as well as advance directives;
  • conducting life review sessions;
  • providing resource referrals;
  • coordinating care; 
  • vigil planning and sitting.
  • forgiveness letters
  • anything else is up to you and a doula that you have hired to help you.

This is why more  death doulas are wanted… I hope you will consider joining the 1 Million to take advantage of the training, or if you know someone who could use doula services to reach out.

Many times the adult children hire a doula when they can’t be there with their parents, or if someone enters hospice they may suggest hiring a doula. Death or end of life doula is paid from the family.  We are not covered under a medical insurance plan. Some companies do offer care plans, a fund you can use.

Each patient is going to need something different and every doula doesn’t offer everything that is listed.. it’s best to find someone and speak to them in how they can support your needs.

If you remember, I was sitting at the end of a friends life.. doing end of life the time I didn’t know the name of it, I have recently been taking classes to do this work, professionally.  The call for more end of life doulas, is happening due to the boomers not having as many children to help care for them, people not wanting to die alone in a hospital, the reduced medical professionals nurses, hospice and palliative care pro’s that will be available. Life transition advocates or death doulas are actively in demand.Why more death doulas are wanted? And how they  will support you.

In the meantime, if you want to get some basic training.. sign up below.

Want to know better how you can care for your loved ones? You can get the free training.

If this is something that you would like to know more about, or have a presentation at work, please let me know. I’ve moved #kindness into being a #Life Transition Advocate to help people to transition, by having a holistic and peaceful death. Or you can call me 510-320-8332.  Do you have an EAP program at work? I’d like a referral to speak to someone there.

Do you belong to a business association or network that looks for speakers? I would talk about what doulas do and the benefits of having one.

Look forward in serving you.. in helping you and yours with your  life transitions.. as a end of life doula. Also get your Legacy Planner that will help you create a vision for yourself.  Be well.  


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