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You have the Power to Transform your Life

You have the Power to transform your life.

Many times throughout my marriage I found myself not being kind to me, just always willing to please and have the approval of my husband. This wasn’t working in the end, as always wanted from others approval before I made a decision this worked against me.

I was beside myself – I was having a rough day,  Catherine Foster offered to do an energy reading and healing for me. When we did to this we cleared out all the anger I was feeling from my father and mother. It was incredible. I was able to release most of it, I still felt some pain in my tailbone, of which after massaging my tailbone the next day, I was able to release all of the anger. This anger I have carried in my body some of it since I was 3 and 7 years old. It was incredible to feel so light and relieved of the pain I was feeling. Catherine, said, “Just go celebrate myself.” It was like, what do I do? Celebrating myself, was to begin a new journey for myself.

Well, let’s say, pick up from where I left off…bought my self some flowers, had a bubble bath and just relaxed. Started praying – affirming my blessings.

The next few days – I asked myself, what can I do to celebrate me? What are some kind things that would help me to move forward?

A few weeks went by, and I wrote the article “Are you Stuck,” I had people say that was great, will you write for us, many people could relate to it. One day, this week, I was sharing what I had been going through – my life just totally changed in a matter of a week – I’ve been remembering what story I was telling myself. The story was old and I wasn’t being kind to myself. Know that we all need to hold to our Faith..know that everything shall too pass. We will overcome what isn’t working for us – and create something different.

During our challenging times, is when we really need to be kind to ourselves, no one else is going to, if we aren’t. My ahh moments come to me in unexpected times, not sure when yours appear. In Oprahs OWN Life Class, she did not listen to anyone else’s nonsense about her being Black, in Mississippi, a Girl, that she won’t be anything special, as a matter of fact her Mother expected her to be a maid.  She ignored the messages everyone told her. She said, “when she found out that she was a child of God, she knew she could do anything.”

Why I mention this is, what she felt and heard is what we need to do..don’t listen to what other people say about us. It’s almost like it is none of our business. Don’t make it your business.

Create a vision for yourself – whatever it is – own it. Life gives us a bunch of detours, we do fall off the tracks once in a while – just like I did quite a few times. After speaking to Lisa about writing her a kindness column on her site – It’s about being kind at no matter what age we are at.

Whatever your fear is, this will be your healing – turn it into Faith – and develop a strategy to go after your dreams or vision. As you know my stories or fear has been not good enough..what happen to me – I believed this story so much that I created it. I wasn’t good enough for my husband.

Now I am turning this into “I have the power to be great and more than enough.””Helping people to find their purpose” or maybe it ought to be “Helping people to be kinder to themselves.” It’s one of the big things we can do to improve our own lives. It’s almost like we are scared of being kind to ourselves, to live the best life. – I want you to create an amazing life with purpose, passion, power and healing.

To get to this point you really need to ask yourself:

  • What is holding me back?
  • What is disempowering you?
  • Get a divorce of the fears or story we are believing or telling ourselves- according by Tony Robbins
  • Get yourself a new story
  • Create a strategy in which you can create the life you really want, transform it- a new state of mind.

I like this line – “Our thoughts are our prayers.”  What are you thinking? Change your thoughts…

Remember you have the power to Transform your life!

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