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Living Unhoused

Living Unhoused is about my journey being at ground zero, discovering why I ended up here and what I have learned about living unhoused.

Oh, by the way I am advocating people to use unhoused or displaced people. Not Homeless, as none of us are. No solutions can come until we personalized the situation.

For other people who understand people they call homeless, no one is homeless.. we need to start changing our words to effect change. People are unhoused or displaced. Homeless is a word or category to me to say.. “less not bother with those people” . Let’s let our government or other people deal with them.

Living Unhoused: Is a Personal and Complex Issue

For many people, a stable home is a source of security and comfort. However, for those who are unhoused or displaced, finding and maintaining a place to live can be a daily struggle. According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness, an estimated 567,000 people in the United States were living unhoused on a single night in January 2020.

There are many different factors that can contribute to someone becoming unhoused. A lack of affordable housing is a major issue, as rising rent and home prices can make it difficult for low-income individuals and families to find a place to live. Other factors can include job loss, health problems, mental health issues and domestic violence.

Living unhoused can be challenging and difficult in many ways. Access to basic needs like food, shelter, and healthcare can be difficult to come by. People who are unhoused may also face discrimination and stigma, which can make it harder for them to find work and get back on their feet.

When I go to meetings, the very first thing people are concerned about it a lack of affordable housing, especially for those who don’t have a house. When they see I am a functioning person, their idea in their mind is I don’t look like someone who is on the street.

Surprise! 48% of people are actually working, just are unhoused mostly because of the lack of housing and what they are able to pay. Houses these days, are built for the luxury market.

There are various efforts to address the unhoused and support those who are living unhoused. Emergency shelters and transitional housing programs can provide temporary accommodation for those in need. There are also initiatives to build more affordable housing, which can help to address the root causes of of displaced people.

However, addressing “homelessness” is a complex issue that requires a multifaceted approach. Individual and community support can also make a difference. Donating time, money, or resources to organizations that help those who are unhoused can make a significant impact.

If you know someone who is living unhoused or at risk of becoming unhoused, there are ways that you can help. Offer support and resources, such as a listening ear or access to services. Together, we can work towards a future where everyone has a stable and secure place to call home.

Living unhoused can be a challenging and difficult experience, and it is admirable that you are considering ways to help others who may be going through similar situations.

In this section, I will be writing about what you can do now to prepare if you become unhoused, and where to find the resources. This situation can happen to anyone.

One of my friends in Florida did a short sale so they wouldn’t have a foreclosure on his credit score. He only had 30 days to find a place to live. He ended up buying an RV and moving away from the area he loved. He said, he’s getting closer to have enough money to rent and return to the place he left.

I on the other hand, was dealing with a very disruptive housemate, she would bang on my door after 9:00pm and demand that I be kinder to her? She would ask questions, and I would have to tell her talk to the landlord.. her problems have nothing to do with me.

And then complain to the landlord about me. ahhh…it was time to leave. The landlord, would tell me I have to be nicer?? I had already lived there for a year, none of these problems were there before.

Guess what the landlord is going thru an eviction process with this gal. She did not realize how bad she was until I moved out. Plus,  I was waiting for my pension.. it took almost a year to get it.

Karma is a bitch! My ex housemates thought of what the landlord was going through.

Until next time..

Mari-Lyn ❤️

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