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Living Unhoused #5

Living Unhoused #5  Between volunteering and getting my own business updated and launched, I haven’t written much.

I did go to Crossroads they are in Livermore, it’s on a Church’s property, have 15 homes, they are waiting to get a permit to build 15 more, and have a wait list of 70. People can apply the wait list doesn’t move fast.

Very nice place.. toured a suite which was a studio, they do have a couple studios for people in wheelchairs. There’s a garden, hen house.. on the website you can gain more information.

As with waitlists, this is what the city workers send us, so we can get housing. It’s a stupid game, you get on a wait list, never to be called. Now if we want housing we need to take places outside of Fremont. Which is fine by me.

My one year anniversary living unhoused was on July 1, 2023. It’s becoming too comfortable. One doesn’t want to be too comfortable because then, you don’t want to move on… some people get discouraged, lose confidence, or just stay on the street.

I decided I will move to Stockton, before the winter arrives. On  May 2, I was involved in a 3 car pile up, the blessing from that was I was able to buy a van.. can stretch out to sleep, more room. 

Getting treated for my injuries,  even though I have 2 years to file, who wants to wait when I feel I am getting better. I’m working on strengthening my legs, they were weak.. hardly could stand for long (20 mins) periods. Goal is to get up to 5,000 steps everyday. LOL.

Another thing about being unhoused is that I’m still learning, even though I have a cooler its smaller, is not to keep food more than 2 days that requires to be kept cold.  Most often it get thrown out..Buying smaller quantity’s tends to be more expensive, it does save from throwing the food out.

Ice:  so far the best ice to buy is the Premium wouldn’t think  there is premium ice?  

  • The Dollar Tree, Grocery Outlet is reasonable 7  lbs will last you 1- 2 days.  $2.00 + tax. a bag.
  • Ice from Safeway, Raley’s, Target or Walmart and  other grocery stores.. it’s expensive 7 -10 lbs for $3.49 – $5.98 and up + tax. Last about 1-2 days.
  • Costco is the winner, yes you have to buy 24 lbs, it will last as long as 2-3  days depends how hot it is, for $3.29 + tax

I’m going to attach some updates from Santa Clara county, I attended their end of the year call. They have no more staff or financial resources to do anything more for people, who are unhoused or living Living Unhoused #5

The City of Fremont, gave a presentation about the Safe Parking Program, they have openings for 15 people. On average there are only 6  vehicles that use the program. Where are the other people I asked? The gal didn’t know.  Supposedly there was a wait list. ??

What I am realizing is there is a Safe Parking program, in name only. 

Today they have a program so few people use it, and there are cars everywhere that are parked in residential areas, parks etc they aren’t taking advantage of the safe parking program, because I believe is that they don’t know about it and the city doesn’t promote it. 

Galvin Newsom mandated that every city needs to do something to house people. Or have services to help people.  The City of Fremont announces they have a program.. good for them. 

Sitting behind a desk and not doing outreach to other organizations or people who actually are sleeping in their cars (their customers), to me is not outreach.

Just this week I went out to LiFE MOVES, one of their facilities they run for families and singles. They had a wellness Fair.. They run Safe Parking programs, Housing facilities, a comprehensive health care programs. I think they should run the City of Fremont program.  have 4 offices, 24 hour crisis lines Everyone faces challenges in their lives. and No one should have to face them alone.

Next Door Solutions for Domestic Violence..24hour Crisis Hotline,  the website is

I looked up the Governor offerings for housing, don’t see anything for Fremont. what do I know?

I’ve also come to the conclusion, if you are a NIMBY you are a part of the problem. NIMBY ( / ˈnɪmbi /, or nimby ), an acronym for the phrase ” not in my back yard “, (is a characterization of opposition by residents to proposed developments in their local area, as well as support for strict land use regulations.)

If you say YIMBY then you want to help resolve the issues of your neighbors. The YIMBY movement (short for ” yes in my back yard “) is a pro-housing movement in contrast and opposition to the NIMBY (“not in my back yard”) phenomenon.  (The YIMBY position supports increasing the supply of housing within cities where housing costs have escalated to unaffordable levels.)

We all need to get involved.. if you don’t like what’s going on attend city council meetings.. join non-profits see how you can help. Be informed. This doesn’t mean point your finger at people who are having hard time.

Please note, the housing crisis is everyone’s problem and it’s not just about the unhoused, not just unsheltered people,  you may have a stereo type belief about them.  (When I tell people I am unhoused, they are surprised. Why? You aren’t drunk or high? Really!!) Get a grip.

The housing issue is a structural one. 

People need to be able to rent or buy homes at what they can afford, not what the builders and developers want to charge.  

The City of Fremont  needs to have permits that aren’t an arm and a leg  cost to them either. This was one of my beefs with one of the councillors (Jenny Kassen), she said if they raise the fees, it will force them to build affordable housing. Short thinking Jenny, ( even told her) they just turn around and pass the fees to the renter or buyers. It doesn’t work!

If people are paying 30% or more of their income to rent.. they have become rent burden. I like to say rent poor.

Rent Burdens People Are Experiencing


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