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More about ground zero Issue #4

More about ground zero, while being here I’ve discovered a few people who really aren’t the people I want in my life, and they obviously don’t want me in their life.

People are in our lives for a time and purpose, even those who have been around for a long while.. they need to go. If they only support or want to help you with conditions are they really friends? Nope.

A friend of mine was telling me that I should post of Facebook, ask all my friends for help.. that’s easier said than done. She was so strong with her convictions that I just told her, I don’t know how to ask for myself. (and there wasn’t any response on Facebook from anyone)

Sure, as a Giver I give and ask for others so easy.. when it comes to me not.  Ground zero is about learning more about yourself, asking for help (even when it’s painful).

I reached out to another friend and she walked me through getting through of asking for help for myself.

People like me who end up on ground zero, don’t need people putting us down, or telling us what to do.. We need encouragement and support. Doesn’t mean we can’t do things for ourselves.. our situation isn’t about how bad we are, or how undeserving we are.. it’s just a housing issue.

We all have struggles some are different than others..  Churches say to me we really want to help just not sure how to even the ones who say they want to help – don’t.

Like one of the friends I let go, she sent me her church memo’s about the unhoused and the problems.. she sent it to me. I asked her what was the purpose of sending this to me?

Her response, was “maybe I could learn something.”  I told her I am in the trenches already.. “maybe she should read it and learn something.”

There are many levels of people who are unhoused.. mostly because no one wants to build houses or homes for those that aren’t making over $100,000.

Here’s some suggestions whether you are a church or know someone who is without a house…

  1. Got an extra room in your house? Rent it out…below the going rate..
  2. Don’t tell the person you have rented the room to that they can’t be there during the day..?? jobs/work isn’t always somewhere else. They are paying for that room – otherwise your are not providing a service to people. You are becoming a ATM machine. My quote.  (only there for the money)
  3. Offer an extension cord or power bar to charge the unhoused person a place to charge their phones.
  4. Offer a coffee/tea space.. for conversation, fellowship or perhaps provide resources
  5. Ask people how you can help, everyone is at a different place
  6. Invite people over for a potluck dinner.. find a church or public place if you don’t want people you don’t know for dinner. Safe parking locations are open for this idea.

For example, one of the churches I was staying at Safe Parking churches, another church arranged to provide dinner to us every Thursday. On the last day, a gal said she never met the Pastor that arranged the Thursday dinners, she made a salmon dinner, her neighbors made the salad, garlic toast and dessert. It’s was so delicious!

And she said she got much joy for cooking it, and we all (other parkers) really appreciated a hot meal, great conversation too!

It’s all the little things that you can do to make everyone welcome.. as they say build a longer table.. Little acts of Kindness.

What are you going to do? Even if you just learned “More about ground zero,” it will enrich your life more and more each day.

If a church wants to  host overnight unhoused parkers, ask them how can I support this.. most cities will have a program. Don’t be ignorant and say “I will do everything to not support this!” You are the problem. One of the volunteers was telling me when they wanted to host, the neighbors were up in arms.. eventually the church went ahead.  The only complaints are when the neighbors party well past our bedtime hours.. LOL.

I’ve decided just to buy some land, put my home on it and build out a community of houses..  read the other issues about being unhoused.

Got tips you want to share? the Safe Parking in Fremont, CA there is a non-profit in Santa Clara as well.

We all have struggles.. love to hear about yours









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