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Renting Rant

Renting rant, as I moving out of being unhoused, more and more people I can see why they/we don’t.

renting rant

Also all the hiccups people put in place so, you aren’t able to rent… my latest one is a 1 bdrm in a house, they want a $50 deposit, I guess its a hold or if you show up for the appointment you get it back. I called the number that Stacy Ann has been texting me on.. just to have a phone conversation and how she wants me to send her the money.

Guess what?

It’s a text only subscriber..why? You are saving money? You aren’t really renting a place out, it’s only to collect $50 bucks from people?  That was 8:00am this morning, it’s now 6:00pm, haven’t heard back from Stacy.

What about all those landlords and property managers who want anywhere from 2x – 3x the income proof. I’m not a 20 something person, coming up with this amount of money is a hardship for people.

So, if the rent is $1,500 for a studio you need to be making $3,000- $4,500 / month just to pay rent, + if you have other expenses you will need more.

I found a TEDx talk about a gal who started a Safe Parking program in San Diego.. I’ll post it here so you can learn about them.. there is one here in Fremont, CA other cities are opening them up too!

Life Moves also operates them in Mountainview and San Jose, can apply to them.

Tell me your story so I share it, we all have one. Living Unhoused the beginning of writing about it.

One of the parkers ran into a situation at a local park, she said the woman and her kids just stared at her. She then posted it on Next Door… if you are against people unhoused that’s where they all hang out at… there a very few people who that are sympathetic to people going through a difficult time. It’s like my post I made – it’s not going to happen to me.

I ran into a gal and her daughter today, the mom said “I’m not changing my language.” I just said, “it’s about changing with the times”.. otherwise you are just going to be left behind. (she was the one asking me how to you prepare to be in your car.) Lucky for them they don’t have to move.  No, she not going to change. Period. Ok. Don’t.  Then don’t ask for help!!

People Wake Up!

Thanks family!




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