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The Kindness Village

The Kindness Village for the unhoused, seniors downsizing, first time home buyers and those who are seeking “affordable housing.”

I got this idea, as there are many property managing companies use wait lists, for all the wait lists I have applied for.. I’m still waiting. They will call you when there is an opening.. it’s a good idea.. many people have to wait a long time, due to all the people who are seeking a home to move to.

As a I have been writing about “Living Unhoused,” many people ask me why are you? Why don’t you get an apartment or roommate situation?

  1. Places are hard to come by, you need to earn at least $4,000. per month to even apply. You also need to supply your tax returns, bank statements or paystubs and whatever else they want from you.
  2. There is a shortage of places to move to, since building starter homes are no longer. There is a shortage of housing in every county and state. It’s a structure and building issue.
  3. I’ve applied to more than 20 places in a month, never hear back from people.
  4. I have ex-friends suggest I move into their friends homes and have free rent in exchange for services. I’ve done this a couple of times – there isn’t anything free. Your services end up becoming abused and the rent is over valued.
  5. I believe I am still, so I can get the Kindness Village built, this has become more apparent as each month goes by.

What is the Kindness Village?

It’s a community of people that are able to live together, do their own thing, likely work remotely.. enjoy gardening, the arts, hiking and other outdoor activities.

If you would like to find out more information about the Kindness Village leave your contact information in my form. Just need your name and email. I will update you when the land is acquired and what’s next. Once the costs are laid out, then the project will be launch.. Goal is to start with 30 homes. or

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There is a tiny home community in Tennessee that, started during COVID, Tim started building houses.. then asked his community to pre-pay for their space so he could buy more land for people who want to live there.

Incredible home highlights:

  • 34-acre property
  • Newport, Tennessee
  • Three tiny house communities within the 34-acre property
  • (1) The Forest Community – 60 x 60 lots (larger tiny homes welcome)
  • (2) The Beach Community – 30 x 30 lots (16ft – 20ft homes)
  • (3) The Prairie Community – 60 x 60 lots (wide-open skies, great for solar)

To start any of these communities we need 30 people to enter into a 3-year lease with a $6,000 deposit. In exchange, you’ll receive a maintained lot for your tiny home complete with water and sewer hookups. The first two years of your lease are rent-free, and the third year will only cost $200 per month. Utilities will be set up in your name so you only pay for what you use. We expect to finish construction on a community 6 months after everyone’s signed up, but we can build communities simultaneously as long as we have 30 contracts per community.


Then there is this community

There are many options and kind of homes.. Kindness Village will be made with Containers.. off grid, carbon neutral..etc..

If you are wondering still, what is your reason? What happened to you? Love to hear your stories.


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