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How to make new friends

How to make new friends, know that you are not alone, even though we feel alone, you can learn a variety of ways to get more friends and involved in social activities.

As we age people who are 55+ and older are discovering they are losing their friends, whether its that they have moved away, your values have become are different, however we do things to improve our quality of life.

Research has shown that an active lifestyle will help. Like exercise, will help keep you mobile, have flexibility and balance, less depression and even constipation. 

Long term health care, connecting with supportive, positive people and still engage in some sort of mind-body-spirit practice is needed to keep our spirits up. Like mediation, walking, Tai Chi, Yoga maybe even cycling. 

Another virtue is to care more for other people such as bringing along some flowers, showing up – just listening to each other, bring food, help people with their chores.

Moving the impossible to the possible of loving ourselves more and more each day. Self-care, mentally and emotionally. Will help us learn how to make new friends.

I found a good article about making friends..

What are your new values?

Values like:

Like Compassion, kindness, caring, friendliness, ability utilization, achievement, advancement, aesthetics, altruism, authority, autonomy, creativity, cultural identity, economic rewards, economic security, life style, personal development, physical activity, physical prowess, prestige, risk, social interaction, social relations, relationships..what do you hold dear to your heart?

How can you take what you value into relationships?  What relationships aren’t adding any value to your life anymore? Maybe it’s time to find new friends and let those people go or attract people you want to hang out with.

I recently, had two gals said “I wasn’t growing the way they wanted me to“, so I am no longer allowed in their house or hang out. Get this clincher “we’ll still will do social activities, and be friends.”  I don’t think so, I’m done.

Keeping your thoughts and actions in a loving way will bring  beauty to your life. Each positive step that you take, you’ll be further along the path of good health and enlightenment. When we bless people we encounter, we will slowly see more people that will want to be around you. 

I have found volunteering has been good for me to help others, even get jobs.

I’m giving away my e-book of “Creating a life of Joy.” If you would like to get it just submit your email and I’ll send it over to you. When you discover what brings you “Joy.” you’ll find new friends and you’ll love yourself more.

In the Creating a life Joy, in the book you’ll learn:

  • What, what do you like about yourself now? 
  • What would you like to change? Deep questions.
  • Write out goals or your intentions 
  • What actions are you going to take?
  • How to make new friends

Would love to hear what you discovered about yourself and any challenges. I’ll read them all, and answer back.

On the right hand side, side bar just fill out the form and I’ll send you the e-book. (I’m experimenting.)

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