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Living well with Cancer

Living well with Cancer, my friend Karen Stanwood was diagnosed with cancer which of course devastated her, as most people don’t want to hear the ‘C’ word.

She came on my podcast to talk about how someone can support others going through this health issue. I hope you enjoy the conversation. So often, we don’t know what to say, so we disappear. As another gal Yvonne said “Just show up.”  You may not know what to say.


You’ll start to see some changes on this website, I used to only write about relationships, marketing and social media.

Now I will be writing about Living well, of which you can subscribe to this topic only.

Marketing strategies will also be made available. You can subscribe to this topic, the older blog posts

Podcasts, it’s a place where you can share your stories.. more about stories of uplifting humanity as I see and feel so much pain and anger around that I have actually just turned off the news. And removing myself away from people who are bullies. They may say, they are kind.. their intentions are something else.

The other thing I will be writing about the the unhoused, unsheltered or displaced people. They are still apart of our communities – people tend to shun them.

avoid, evade, eschew, steer clear of, shy away from, fight shy of, recoil from, keep away from, keep one’s distance from, give a wide berth to, have nothing to do with, leave alone, not touch; snub, give someone the cold shoulder, ignore, turn one’s back on


From what I have been told, is their own fears.. if they don’t associate with these people, they won’t experience being on the street themselves.

Once again if you have a friend that has a terminally illness, do you shun them? Not show up for them?

What if either one of these were you, how would you feel?

Living well with Cancer, is like dealing with the general public who shun others just because, of they are too scared to support them. Being busy, isn’t a very good excuse.

When my friend, Marshall was dying from Pancreatic Cancer, he was a private guy, I would always ask how can I help? Do errands, or anything he needs. He would tell me, that he has people helping him.

One day he asked me why would I help him, I was a bit stunned, “that’s what friends do,” We look after each other.

In this lesson, it’s also about asking for help. Not my best skill, nor was it his.

He did call me in his last few hours – I became his POA – Power of Attorney for his financial affairs. Watching him great pain, Marshall ate a lot of popsicles. I sat with him, until he took his last breath. I did not know what to do, I just showed up. Talked with him, held his hand…He did not want to die alone. Like most of us don’t.

Who is going to show up for us?

It’s a question I get a lot…

Maybe you ought to ask yourself, how often do you show up for others? What are you doing to build your community? No one should die alone or go through a terminal illness alone either.

Take notes from what Karen says.. about finding your own joy and helping someone else.

The topics you’ll find me writing about will be about Living well, Marketing Strategies, Coaching, Relationships and Impactful Legacy podcasts.. I haven’t given them a day yet..

Let me know what resonates with you, does this article Living well with Cancer, resonate? What do you want to know more about? What area of your life speaks to you now?

Love to have you to share with me your story and things that are important to you.

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