Make Room for Friends

Make room for friends, whether you are a Open Networker, fans for your FaceBook or maybe even have more connections to get referrals.

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When we are out networking I have even been known to be tongue tied. As a promoter I have found introducing other people to each other, like being a host at my own party. If this doesn’t help you here’s some ideas to get the conversation going.

1. Compliment – everyone loves getting them, don’t get too personal.
2. Ask where are they from – especially if you want to chat up the person sitting beside you
3. Get their opinion – like “What do you think of this weather?” “How do you like ____ (a product?”
4. Information request: “Can you suggest a good local restaurant?” or “What’s your favorite networking group?”
5. Ask for directions – “Where did you find the bar or appetizers”
6. “I happened to hear your comment on the _____ movie?” Comment with I agree or don’t agree
7. “What are your top networking tips?”
8. Be vulnerable – let down your guard like” I’m so bad with names, I can hardly remember my own sometimes.”
9. Be Willing to have more Friends and Connections
10. Whether you are meeting them in person, on the phone or online – offer to help them

Friends come in all sizes and places – you never know where you are going to meet your best friend, someone who can help you in your business or you can help them. Just by listening to someone, as you already know, we all want to be heard.

How about nominating a friend or stranger for a Kindness Hero Award? Show your appreciation for them, all you have to do is nominate them to receive a Certificate of Thanks.

What’s your favorite way to encourage friendships?

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