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Marketing news now, like I said in the intro if you want to subscribe just to the marketing topics, you can just enter your email and they will be sent out to you Subscribe to Marketing It usually only publishes new content, your will get my older content as well.. if you have any issues with it, please let me know. I’ve fixed a couple of other issues that didn’t have any content. I …

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Are You Stuck in Your Business?

Are You Stuck In Your Business?

Are you stuck in your business? Stop to think about why you started your business. What were you hoping to achieve by starting your own business? If you aren’t working on your business or not sure where you are heading ask for help. You are responsible for getting customers, into your business. Whatever vehicle you choose to use, you need to be accountable be a leader in your own company. Here are a few …

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Does SEO really work? (2015)

Does Seo Really Work?

Does SEO really work? I was just being a devil’s advocate when I asked this question, simply there seems to be a lot of information about it.

Perhaps a few years ago you really didn’t need it, because not very many people were on line. Now, you really got to find ways to be found in the crowd. SEO is just one way..here are some replies I got back from my question. Back in 2015.

We’ve now made it extremely easy to include your social media & other website profiles in the Schema Markup. This would help search engines recognize your author profile and Organization better, ultimately boosting your website’s search engine rankings!

As always, I’d highly encourage you to update your SEO service to Rank Math. They have some great Videos that you can watch.

The people below gave me their feedback about SEO and why it’s so important, I’ve updated this content, the video shares why you want to update your content.. and more info about Does SEO really work? today it is now 2023.

Sherry Azzarella
• Absolutely,undoubtedly, and in many ways. One of my clients has an organic methodology that is fail-proof. There is no denying the power of SEO and it should be an integral part of every marketing plan and strategy. SEO can be a huge part of lead conversion when integrated into online marketing, PR uploads and social media campaigns.

Kyle Black
• Sure not a problem at all. 

please have a look at – http://www.salsainternet.com.au/dds-landscaping.html there are many case studies for you to read. 

What I think is critical is that you work with an agency that:

1) understands your business objectives
2) educates you in the field of SEO and Online Marketing
3) has an excellent track record with references and results
4) is a white-label seo services 

I hope this helps.. SEO and Online Marketing have to work together with Social Media Marketing – as i understand it, SEO & online marketing of your blog for example, is imperative to getting your brand/service recognised and found when searching in Google/Bing/Yahoo.

Conor Cunneen

• Yes Search Engines can drive business. I have worked hard on my site development in past six months. I have picked up two sizeable speaking engagements in the past two weeks because planners found my website via Search Engines. Thank God for that I say, because the rest of the year has – shall we say – provided significant opportunity for improvement!!

Keywords that get me on front page Google and often #1 spot include 
”Humorous Keynote Speaker” 
”Keynote Speaker Cancer” 
”Keynote Speaker Foodservice” 
”Irish Keynote Speaker” 
To be honest, I was surprised how fast I got good results for some searches which forced me to scramble to improve my landing pages.

Get into the mind of your customers / clients and figure out what words they will use to search for your product / service. 
I am currently working on two important search terms where I place page 4-5 at the moment. Objective is to get to #1. We’ll see how long that will take.

Patti Fousek

SEO and Social Media Consultant • The simple answer is yes, SEO works. The long complicated answer is… it depends on a lot of factors. Search engine optimization is not a “fix it and forget it” solution.

Things to consider are:
1. Keyword research and selection – optimizing webpages for keywords your target market actually uses are key – try to avoid company jargon that no one else knows.
2. Overall objective of the website – what are your calls-to-action?
3. How obtainable are those objectives (basically, are they realistic)
4. The design of the site – how many steps does a visitor have to take to complete the desired action on the site (are your calls to action clear)
5. Navigation – is the navigation search engine friendly? Is it human friendly?
6. Inbound links – is your site link worthy? How many inbound links do you currently have from authority sites?
7. Do you have web analytics installed – if you have the budget, go for HubSpot or Omniture. 

Successful SEO is takes effort, time and patience, but it’s worth it.

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Pain and Fear in Marketing

Pain And Fear In Marketing

Pain and Fear in Marketing, you may think pain and fear doesn’t belong in marketing. The pain of your body how it related to marketing.

In this video I go over some tapping exercises you can practice on releasing the pain in your body, cane released so that you can do your marketing better.

The meaning of PAIN:

1. Her foot is still paining her: hurt, cause pain, be painful, be sore, be tender, ache, throb, sting, twinge, cause discomfort; informal kill one.
2. The memory pains her: sadden, grieve, distress, trouble, perturb, oppress, stress. These are some words you can tap on to release. The fear of  doing your marketing can be tapped away.


(this video does repeat itself for some reason – just keep watching)

Part 2 of releasing the pain and fear of marketing

In this second video, we are tapping on your fears, that you may not know who your customers are. Guess what? Everybody is not the answer.

  1. FEAR means:
    to be afraid of (someone or something) as likely to be dangerous, painful, or threatening: he said he didn’t care about life so why should he fear death? farmers fear that they will lose business.
  2. (fear for) feel anxiety or apprehension on behalf of: I fear for the city with this madman let loose in it.
    avoid or put off doing something because one is afraid: they aim to make war so horrific that potential aggressors will fear to resort to it.

We all want to do well, not be in pain, or suffer we want to be successful, by getting our message across, people buying our products and services. We want to serve and help more people – sometimes things just get in our way in doing so. I have found “Tapping” to be the way to go. It clears out any energy, or stories my mind makes up that I ought to believe to be true. By breaking up the untruths, we heal ourselves and we will discover that there aren’t very many obstacles in our path to succeed.

Pain and Fear in Marketing is where you know you have to do marketing to get sales, or people to buy from you except it doesn’t seem happen. Have you ever wondered why?

Quite often it’s not just what we aren’t doing it’s also because of the fears that block your abundance and prosperity to flow to you.

Do you ever get a headache and it just won’t go away?

Rate your headache – is it from a 1 to 10. Tap it out, this will tell your mind and body to release it. This is what you are doing with your marketing pain. It hurts, you don’t get results from marketing, you don’t know how, the fears that come up the stress of it all can be released the same way as your headache.

Once you keep tapping on your list, you will discover other experiences to come up, remember just tap it.

Do this once or twice a day, until your list is complete.

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31 Tips to Become Popular

31 Tips To Become Popular

 31 Tips to become popular was compiled by Artists, this will help you to get more visitors and fans to your blog. The list is still popular from 2014 to 2023. This list was complied after a wonderful discussion on the Art Marketing group..so between what other people were doing and what I came up with from my own tool box.. I am sure you could keep adding another tactic or your favorite one …

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