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How HIGH is your Loyalty Factor?

loyalty factor

How HIGH is your Loyalty Factor? If we don’t ask ourselves this,  then how we can get more people to read our content engage or buy our products and services? If you only just tweaked a couple of things in what you do, it is more than likely there will be an increase the loyalty of your clients. There are several ways to increase customer loyalty. Below are a few suggestions that may not …

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How to Win Clients

How to win clients

Tick’s definition is: “having regular repeated actions that match; a description of who they are; a label or tag.”

How metrics increase visibility

Metrics of SEO

How metrics increase visibility, a meaningful metric might be: What search terms are driving traffic for my site, open rates and keywords all count carefully Take for example understanding your E-mail Open Rate Email marketers have measured their efforts since the dawn of email marketing time by their email open rate. However, email systems don’t treat emails the way they once did, and this measurement no longer measures what most marketers think it does. …

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Secret of Marketing

Secret of marketing

The secret of marketing,  Are you an expert? It’s really about marketing and promoting yourself to get the sales. Grab some of these  ideas people have shared. This is a continuum from my question of  What’s the Secret of Marketing? I found more people who really liked to hear from people who have tried out various tactics or spokes as I call them. Linda S. Posey – Thanks for the great discussion. Try  permission marketing, …

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How to Create an Inspired Business

be inspired message

How to create an inspired business, is about listening to your feelings. Your niche should be something you know about, something that doesn’t feel like work. Patricia Ogilvie, copywriter and marketing design specialist. Patricia specializes in creating ads and Marketing copy for business owners who want a better way of staying in touch with their prospects and clients and keep them coming back for more. Patricia can be reached at (780) 940-5429.   Are you …

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How to Create a Relationship Strategy – Part 2

relationship strategy

How to Create a Relationship Strategy – Part 2 segmenting your list of people that you know, your clients, or perhaps the people who you would like to work with. Step Two: Segment your List Once you have a good list of criteria, you should list all your clients and rank them in terms of their potential for you in the coming year. Don’t worry so much about where they fit now. Think about …

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Creating a Relationship Strategy – Part 4 & 5


Creating a relationship strategy – part 4 & 5, it’s about considering letting go of some people who are no longer serving you or you are not able to serve. Step 4 – Fine tuning Just as an investor sells losing stocks and bonds, so you should fire (gasp!) clients that come close to “nightmare” status — especially if they are unwilling to pay you for your trouble. You might also consider firing clients …

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