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10 Twitter Lessons

Here are 10 Twitter Lessons to get started.. this was in 2010, not much has changed.

1. When you open an account, be sure to have a picture of yourself, fill out the bio, with interests, who you are, your passions. this is your 1st impression that you give people if they want to get to know you or not

2. Tweet, topical information about your niche or industry or whatever it is that you want to be known for. Not just promoting your business. An event that is coming up, news, something you want people to say hey, I want to get to know this person by following them.

3. If you are a business that relies on local business, connect with local followers. do a or advanced

4. Use a software tool like Hootsuite, or Tweetdeck to help you keep organized, there are many others, these are the main 2. Use your columns to track people, mentions people make, keywords, DM’s that people send you.

5. Use your Lists on Twitter, like Linkedin connects in one, vendors, peers or competitors, or interests like Hiking, Favorite people

6. Listen to the conversations, respond to the conversations, RT someone’s conversation, they will likely respond back, and this will help you carry on a conversation with them. Twitter is a social media tool. Keep it social. Provide value. Don’t just sell yourself. Be human. Be useful.

7. Use other Social Media Marketing platforms and invite the people you meet to follow you on Twitter. From Linkedin, Facebook, or Blitztime or any other place where you have conversations with people.

8. Participate in #FF, I say “I appreciate my new followers #FF….or use your own, use only 125-130 characters so someone can RT you.

9. Refrain from using a un-personalized DM, on auto pilot. DM’s are becoming spammy because people have abused the privilege of using it. Don’t respond with a promotion of your company or giveaway. (This is promoting your business).

10. Give yourself 15 – 30 minutes a day in using Twitter, in the morning, afternoon and at the end of the day. You’ll find your own rhythm.

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