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2 Ways to Have Higher Engagement on Facebook

Here a 2 ways to have higher engagement on Facebook. The first way, this action may be drastic for you, however the results speak for themselves.

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If you have noticed Facebook has changed how your friends show up in your news feed, the friends you don’t engage with often enough, won’t show up so eventually you don’t correspond with them often at all. Your friends have to say under the settings, to get Notified. Yes, I want to get notified in what they are postings. If you have many friends you may not be too interested in going back and changing the settings for each friend. Facebook, is counting on you not to do this. It’s their idea of making money from you and your friends by having you to pay to boost your posts.

On Social Media Today, Chris Street did an experiment of culling in his Facebook friends, as Social Media is not a numbers game like many, people who are selling their services will tell you the more people you have is better or it’s the numbers that count. Guess what? It’s never been about the numbers. Some will say, then you show up in search results or Google if your numbers are higher. Really?

Ok, you have a higher reach? Now what? What are you going to do to engage with them?

Chris’s results in 2013, his Facebook News feed gradually filled up with + More and more irrelevant content,
+ More promoted posts which were irrelevant,
+ More generic content which was irrelevant,
+ He got more invites to join irrelevant Groups,
+ More invites to attend irrelevant events, and a significant increase in wasted time.

Clearly, quantity wasn’t working. He sat down and spent an entire day analyzing and reviewing the useful content, interesting posts, contacts who didn’t spam, and the events and Groups which were worth considering, he culled half of his 4,000 Facebook contacts.

What happened? The main outcomes have been:
* Quality of Facebook News Feed has increased
* Quality of social engagement has increased
* Relevance of Facebook content has increased
* Quantity of traffic to my blog has increased
* Quality of overall traffic referred has increased
* Reach of Facebook posts overall has increased

In Chris’s experience, it was refreshing to know that even with less people he is having better results on Facebook.

The Second Way
22Social has this app, that will help you get more likes on your business pages, it’s the fastest and easiest way to get your offer where everyone sees it on Facebook. They launched this app in 2012. Every Wednesday they have google hangouts, to answer your questions.

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