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31 Tips to Become Popular

31 Tips to Become Popular, was compiled by Artists, this will help you to get more visitors and fans to your blog. The list is still effective from 2014 to 2023.

This list was complied after a wonderful discussion on the Art Marketing between what other people were doing and what I came up with from my own tool box.. I am sure you could keep adding another tactic or your favorite one to this list.

If you have anything you would like to add, please leave it in the comment section. I would love to hear from else you are doing.

* Get your own Bio link lists all your social networks in one place, if you have too many links your email signature, it could be taken as spam..
* Use descriptive key words and write about them, describe them in your alt tags
* Keep your website/blog updated, post good original content 2-3x per week, even older content, update the “dates”
* Do a newsletter and submit it to bookmarking sites like Stumpleupon  is now Mix or Digg
* Participate in forums or groups in Linkedin, Facebook etc., participate in the discussions, this is where you will learn the most.
* Write articles and post them on article sites like E-zine, the link goes to one of my articles, you can create your own account.  Hub-pages  

* Cross promote other people in your community, exchange articles, be a guest writer on blogs..
* Put your website in your email signature
* Have a contest make it fun!
* Use Social Media Marketing tools like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
* Write a comment on your friends, colleagues sites, include your website URL, make it a true comment. Not just great blog post..this won’t cut it.
* Send out invitations to your site for feedback or for your events
* Build relationships by staying in touch – drop a line or call them – checkin calls are great. People love them.
* Write a book, ask for people’s contact info or post it on
* Write press releases
* Create an About me page to direct visitors – it’s the most important page on your website.
* Use Twitter to direct traffic to your blog website
* Join other groups where your customers hangout
* Get listed in Google’s Local Business directory – you’ll find this under Google my business, just do a google search and establish your site there.
* Upload a key slide presentation about what you offer with a link back to your site
* Profile people on your site and ask for comments or links back
* Do Video’s of your products/services and upload them to YouTube channel
* Upload pictures to Pinterest, Instagram, Google
* Subscribe to newsletters/blogs about marketing to get more ideas
* List yourself in Craigslist, -nextdoor, you can have your business page for free.
* Get valid links to your site from targeted traffic
* Concentrate on building relationships so they will share your links
* Offer a free e-book or gift with no conditions
* Write great content that people want to return or share it

These 31 Tips to Become Popular, are still revelant today in 2023, they were first created in 2014. I’ve updated some links. If you like this kind of content, please subscribe to the marketing news. It’s delivered every week.

Mari-Lyn Harris

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