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6 Ways to Grow Your Business in 2019

Here are 6 ways to grow your business in 2019. You know that your business is getting ready to set-up for growth..these next few years now and beyond.


It’s time to take your power back by growing your business by increasing your revenues through sales. 

1. Social Media will continue to transform your business. It will be a way to generate sales through your connections. Currently more than 22% use Social Media as a revenue generating tool. Learn how to do this.

“Public relations” is simply
accurate, consistent and timely communications
that convey the right message to the right audience.

2. Using publicity
This includes community activity, articles, public speaking, media commentary, relationships with other local are reporters and developing your professional citizenship. Certainly PR is effective to small business owners, freelancers, artists, Entrepreneurs at a grassroots level.

3. How are your customers finding you?
What’s your strategy to bring you more clients and sales. You need to know who they are and how they are looking for you to buy from you. Be sure to ask this question when they arrive to your want to find out how they found you. What is the best lead-generation strategies that you want to focus on.

Determine a goal that you want to achieve, like how many people do you what to buy from you; how many distributors you want to have; how many referral partners you want.

4. Social Networking

It’s simplest form it’s a group of people who are tied through friends, links and who know who.  Social networks have also been used to examine how organizations interact with each other, characterizing the many informal connections that link executives together, as well as associations and connections between individual employees at different organizations. For example, power within organizations often comes more from the degree to which an individual within a network is at the center of many relationships than actual job title. Social networks also play a key role in hiring, in business success, and in job performance. It’s important that you develop connections and friends with the people you are most connected with. They’ll become your circle of connections of which can help you, to get more referrals and introductions.

5. Business Networking

When you go out to networking functions and meet other local business owners, sales people and reps of the company. Once you meet these people you need to follow up with them, even if it is just to say, it was a pleasure to meet them. You’ll want to do these networking meetings, simply to get to know people better and start developing a friendship with them. I used to say join 6 groups..sometimes this is just not possible – definitely join two groups locally. You can make up other groups on line – like LinkedIn and FaceBook.

Look through the cards and see who could become referral partners. Initiate a coffee meeting – and find out how you can help him or her. You are going to be asking them who their potential clients are and how can you refer business to them.

If they don’t respond to you in a positive way..then I would put them into a “C” pile. These people you will stay in touch 1 -2 x times a year. Out of this group – it they are not interested in staying in touch, I would just drop them, put them in the “G” (garbage) file.

6. Joint Ventures 
When you partner up with someone who had the same audience as you, by offering your product or service to their customers. Both parties work together to help each other.  Collaborating also works really well.

Mari-Lyn Harris
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