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The Mobile phone is another marketing agent and a shopping assistant to find the places people want to buy from.

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We don’t go to a store without our wallets; many of us say the same thing about our smartphones. In stores, 82% of smartphone users turn to their devices to help them make a product decision.  What they find online can influence their decisions right down to the very last minute before a purchase. After reading something on a smartphone, nearly one out of four shoppers has changed his or her mind about buying something while in the checkout line.

The audience is bigger than ever; views of product review videos have also grown 50% each year.

How can you win these shoppers over to your shop?

Paid2Save has developed a mobile app that helps shoppers to find that right price, location and the ability to scan items to see if there is something comparable online before they buy.  This is shopping assistant that over 100,000 people are using it to help them make a decision to buy.

Paid2Save as a savings company, they are helping the mobile and on-line shopper save money. For the merchants listed on their mobile – they are tapping into this audience by providing additional savings and gaining new customers. It’s up to the merchant to keep the new customer by creating a customer loyalty program simply by using the Paid2Save app.

Google has a great article on how the way people use their phones to help them make decisions, while shopping.

How many of you have searched on your smart phone, the closest restaurant near you?

Or what ethnic foods are located near you?

Or you’ve done price shopping using your mobile?

I have.

I would imagine that most of you have – todays’ consumers are more mobile than you think, they turn to their mobiles to make sure they are buying the best value, is there a better price somewhere else for the same product, search for product reviews, travel information the list goes on.

How can you compete to get more customers to shop at your place or use your services? Local is the best place to shop – support your own local community. Referrals are the best, just sometimes they aren’t available so who are you going to call?

The Ghost Busters?


You are going to download the Paid2Save app, start using it to save money, support your local merchants all at the same time. Just use Referral ID 58206

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Chat with you soon!


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