The Artist Success Circle is for those who are dreaming of becoming a successful Artist then get ready for a whole series of moments, sessions that will give you a few “a ha” kind of moments. I am talking the kind of moments with topics that are designed just for you!

Thank you with heart

The kind of moments that will take your art business from where you are to fabulous! No matter what size, shape or craft you have, you are definitely going to want to be here.

What will you learn? For starters different way to create your marketing plan, Social Media, set your own goals, learn how to have fun in your business. How about doubling your business. This is strictly a how to’s and practical advice.

Let’s burst out of the “Poor Artist” Syndrome…Permanently!”

The Artist Circle of Success Mission is:
“To work with artists who want to grow their art business, by busting out of their starving artist syndrome.”

Whether you are a Potter, Photographer, Jeweler, Film Maker, Musician, Singer, Writer, Visual Artist or another craft you will be able to access the programs and resources, learn from great presenters, contests, networking and many more options.

Many more opportunities will show up for you. We’ll take you from a starving artist to a…. well you decide where you’re going, how soon, and how far!

Do what you feel inspired to do – And do it!

As I told a few of my friends about my idea to help artists, painters, singers, or any artistically minded individual promote and sell their craft without the pain and agony of starvation! Miraculously, those I told my dream idea was about, it was grabbed the concept immediately.

As the business set-up of the program was being considered, interestingly enough, even more people wanted in. And do you know why? Because the concept came from inspiration in the first place, that’s why.
Why would you as an Artist want to participate in the Artist Success Circle?

  • Providing peer support
  • Help you to create your portfolio
  • You are ready to take the next step
  • Create a goal for yourself
  • Create a plan for yourself
  • Become ready to sell
  • Earn more money for your talents and art
If you are an artist and you are ready to be more proactive in your art business come join us!

Thank you!