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Dear Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs

Do you as a “Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs,” or sometimes called a Social Change Agent? Are you having trouble in getting your message out to the world?

When I started Heart@Work..I just finished producing a conference on Kindness to Colleagues in the Workplace, from the response of this conference, it was felt that employees really wanted so changes to have healthier and happier places to work at. Non-profits were willing to do something about it, as they wanted to keep their volunteers.

In 2001 the second conference, I was given the same feedback, my main sponsor asked me if I was ready to go head? Yes! I was gung-ho to change the world into a Kinder one. After a couple years, I realized that employers didn’t see the benefits of being kinder..I let it go. Now 10+ years later people are still talking about making a difference in workplaces. There have been studies about how kindness, happiness and virtuousness plays a role in having better workplaces and relationships.

I’ve wanted to re-kindle the Kindness Conferences, however now more than ever, there are more people talking about kindness, films, acts of kindness and the like that Kindness has it’s own direction and audience now.

As a Heart-Centered Entrepreneur, I decided to focus on producing events to help other Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs to have more business, more visibility and better results in delivering their message to the world. After speaking to a few Speakers, Socially Conscious and Spiritual Entrepreneurs..most of you don’t have a Strategy or Marketing plan in how you are going to deliver your message. I’ll be able to help you with this, Social Media, PR and whatever else that you need help in.

I believe that when we have mentors, we collaborate and co-operate together as business partners, we’ll have all the business and growth we want faster.

I am getting prepared for it.. Are you ready for Success??  Sign up for my Mastermind Groups.

Until next time Be Kind,


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