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Do you have a Promotional Strategy?

Do you have a Promotional Strategy?  People love new content, tips and how to’s, anything that will help your audience in their business or life.

An Editorial Calendar can work wonders. I created one for a client today, just by using Google Calendar, there is something said for a visual impact. I picked up an editorial calendar from a guy from a Facebook conversation. He was happy to share it.

For Facebook:
Monday – updates, news
Tuesday – share your blog posts
Wednesday – Run contests, or get everyone to participate in Facebook or Twitter day. Everyone posts their links.
Thursday – share your blog posts or ask questions, photo’s
Friday – Do testimonials, Tips, respond to questions that people ask, if they don’t ask one

Your Blog/Website is where you want to direct people to, so they can explore and find out more information about you. For every content piece you have you want to share it every day. 5-7 Tweets each day and 1 or 2 shares on Facebook.

On Facebook you don’t want to over power people with everything you got, there is a gal who owns a paint store, she posts the same ad in every group about at least once per day, this is over kill. Another Over-Kill is to use an automatic posting in your Facebook page. The problem with both of these scenario’s is that you are basically shouting out to people what you are offering and people aren’t likely to share your ad or articles unless they leave a comment, will you answer them back?

Be sure to like, make comments, make a recommendation, share other people’s content, if you want people to reciprocate. It’s one of those pay it forward things to do.

Let people find you. Share your links in your e-mail address, if someone wants to follow you, then they can click on the link. The other thing you can use is called, it’s one place where people can find your social media links. It’s a handy tool.

As you are posting your blog articles, you always ought to have a photo to place in the post. The reason is, it’s a visual effect, visuals get attention. Now that you can’t just pull photos’s without giving credit or permission due to the Copyright laws. this is a great photo site.


Don’t forget to use Pinterest

It’s an interesting combination of professional and playful. In some ways, it works like Facebook, allowing you to provide status updates and post on your own photo boards.

I hope these tips help your to create a Promotional Strategy, if you want to know more, leave a comment.


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