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Get Inspired with Heart@Work

Get Inspired with Heart@Work, a bit of a pun, it works! It’s all about bringing people together.

Whether it’s inspirational talks or a Conversational Cafe, came about after discussing it with my Advisory Board some ideas. It has come full circle in how it has all come about. Interesting life is. When or if you are feeling that you are in a debunk or you get depressed and you have not sure where you are headed, be sure to know everything good is coming your way.

Think of abundance for everyone. Choose to trust God, or your source that everything will work out. You will be surprise to discover how inspired you will be. I remember there was a friend of mine, several years ago, who wanted to someone special and I just said to him, “Enjoy your life, the girl that you are meant to be with isn’t ready yet.” He thanked me for saying this to him because he was beginning to feel depressed and he was starting to think, he wasn’t going to meet a wonderful gal for him. I knew in my heart he would meet someone.

Sometimes, our business ideas don’t show up like we imagined or how we want them to show up yet, it’s just because we aren’t ready yet. Ideas, need to percolate, all the pieces aren’t ready to fit into place. Even though your idea or job or business hasn’t jelled it doesn’t mean it won’t it sometimes takes time to come together.

What can you do in the meantime? Keep moving one foot in front of the other, give thanks, volunteer, go out and help someone else. Don’t give up! Believe in yourself!

My idea of the Inspirational Talks, is to give ideas, to bring people together, connect, collaborate and co-operate together for a higher purpose. To be inspired! To take action! When we all work together we all win.

Thanks for visiting us!

P.S. Don’t forget to signup for the Mastermind groups I’ll be offering. Just add your name, I’ll be in touch.


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