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Happy July 4th Celebrations

Along with happy July 4th celebrations it’s a great time to recharge your newsletters. Here are some tips to start using.

Happy July 4Th Celebrations
Be kind

I switched to Mailer Lite for sending out my newsletters – I have found them a little easier to use.

Tip #1

If you are dried up for topic ideas, if you go to, you can insert two subjects per day they’ll come up with some ideas to write about. I gave two and now have over 100 topic ideas. Group brainstorming is another suggestion.

Tip #2

Clean up your old emails or ones that don’t really exist. Mailerlite has a great article about this. I had about 30 emails that bounced and then people change jobs and over undated with emails they don’t want I would just rather they unsubscribe anyway.

Tips #3

Shoot some videos for different content mix it up a bit. Want to get started? Zack Wolfson has a website of which he helps Artists create video’s. I would check him out.

Tip #4

Looking at revamping your website or need a new service provider for hosting? Green Geeks are having a big sale this weekend. This is who I use, using my affiliate link.

Tip #5

If you have blog articles that are older than a year old, recycle them into your newsletters. Great content.

Tip #6

Take the time to relax, be kind to yourself. Maybe even have a couple of friends over, share stories and have fun!

Have a blessed holiday weekend! Be safe.

Be kind
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