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How to Optimize Your Blog

Learning how to optimize your blog is very important, start here, you can learn from me or from other people with expertise

If you are on LinkedIn, or in other groups on Facebook or people who talk about blogging you can get different answers and viewpoints.

B2B Social Media

Kevin is a member of one of the groups on LinkedIn posted his dilemma, he’s posting 7 to 9 times a month on his blog, however, he’s not getting the visitors he wants. When I looked at his site, he didn’t have a call to action, wasn’t really clear what his topics were about. Here are, some other people’s feedback about what he needs to do to get more traction.

• Have an op-tin or some kind of call to action for people to subscribe to
• Blogging every 7 or 9 days is not often enough
• Have some sort of graphics,
• Consider showcasing your products
• Add a Twitter button, Facebook or other Social Media buttons
• The goals weren’t clear for the site, decide who your buyer is, what problem are you trying to solve, why would they buy from
• You should be under 1M to get picked up by the search engines. if you go to Alexa you can download their software and check where your site is ranked at. Kevin’s site was ranked at 11.5M.
• Add some mixed media like videos, graphics. podcasts
• Create a Speaker Bio via video
• Take action on some other ways to take your blog to the next level, here’s an article about getting more visitors.

Find someone who is doing what you want to do and learn from them.

Why do you Blog?

Creating Social Buzz


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