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How to use Pinterest for your Business

How to use Pinterest for your business can bring tremendous traffic.

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I’ve been working with it for about a year, attended a couple classes in the best ways of using it. You can add a button to your blog that people can share your content on Pinterest, however if you don’t have a picture it can’t be shared. It’s a bookmark site of photo’s to help your customers can find you and share, it’s a traffic referral site.

Here’s a couple of video’s in how you can use Pinterest more effectively.
The Watch – Art of the Pin –
Megan gives a real good demonstration of a how to use Pinterest in a video.

Heart@Work, has a business page which is verified – and have several boards that are community based. I would encourage that you set up a community board as it will help you build traffic to your site. For example, there is an Art Marketing Board,
I just added a board for all my friends on Facebook to join me to share their photo’s with me.

If anything at all be sure to follow Heart@Work’s Boards

The “Pin It” plugin for Pinterest for your WordPress blog will help you have your content, meaning photo’s shared on Pinterest.
Pinterest Plugin

When you post your photo’s be sure to include a message about the picture and a link to where you want people to go to once they have viewed your picture. A Call to Action of what do you want people to do when they discover a photo they like or have seen. If you are an artist you want to insert a link to where your other art is so that people can look at more work your portfolio or e-commerce site so they can buy your art. If you are a baker and sell cupcakes or other items, you also want to insert a link to your shop or website so people can buy what you have for sale. The same if you are running a fund raising people to where you want them to donate to.

Wish you the best to exploring and using Pinterest in your business. Got questions or tips share them here under comments.


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