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How to Workshops

How to workshops are educational like relationship marketing is to help you to thrive in a specialty business as a solo-entrepreneur.

How to workshops have included about topics for  Food 4 Social Change to Heart@Work, in doing so the people who were a part of the maker space will work with all of us who are Solo-Entrepreneurs. If you are wondering if you are a Solo Entrepreneur – they are people who are self-employed, agents of other companies, makers, artists, professional service providers, founders. I found a great article for you to read to get a greater understanding of who they are. Solo Entrepreneurs

Why suffer by yourself when you can come together with other people to learn and test until it works for you. I relate this to, as a business owner, “I am in the forest many times can only the forest, not the trees..” Which means I need help sometimes – I take a class, sign-up for a call with someone. It makes a world of difference, to get a new perspective.

If this resonates you, I look forward to offering you a series of “How-to workshops.”

If you like the latest workshop in how to create your legacy playbook, you can get the limited offer in our store. We will not share your contact information. I hate being added to lists too!

Stay tuned for more upcoming workshops and events, if you want more information about marketing check it out