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How to’s about Blogging

The business of how to’s about blogging is usually what most people write about on their blog.

What’s your intention?  What message do you want to share?  Who are to writing for?
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When I started this blog, it was about sharing, kindness, relationships, networking, marketing and then social media. Soon it just kept expanding. Sorta lost it’s focus,  as I write this post, looking back why I started Heart@Work in the first place.

The message was about delivering how Kindness plays a role in our workplaces and our lives. It takes leader to play the role as not too many people believe kindness would work in 2002.  I know it works as I have tested it myself in organizations. Some organizations got a complete turnaround, some just needs a tweak here and there to notice how much it really made a difference.

What were my values?

My audience values were pretty much the same as mine. They wanted alternatives, ways to improve upon the workplace and in our communities and schools. My readers knew and liked the idea of Kindness and other innovative ideas they could use.  Their values – they believe in the betterment of people they cared about, how they can make a difference, honesty, integrity and benevolence. The end result of me writing about Kindness was to gain more early adopters who were willing to use Kindness as a more effective means of communications.

Kindness engages people in an easier way, you have better relationships. The effect and affect we have in our business improves quicker. Soon Kindness led me to write about Relationships, Marketing and Social Media. Provided many “How to’s” in these subjects. Answered my readers questions, shared blogging tips, shared the view points from other people from forums and groups. This is the key thing of what Heart@Work has been about.

The business of how to’s has been expansive I’ve learned and shared my content over the years. I’ve appreciated all my readers, followers and fans.

The writing you will do when you blog will be about your intention, your why and what kinds of results you want out of blogging.

The kind of results I wanted, for people to ask questions, they would come and ask me for help. You have, always looking for the ‘ah moments’ or something else that resonated with people. I hope what I have shared with you, has expanded your vision, opened your eyes and hearts.

My blog has come full circle, like many of us we begin again thinking about our purpose and intentions as we all change directions it’s part of growing and expanding. Nothing stands still.

Blogging to me is still the best thing you can to do for yourself and your business. I wish you much success with it.


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