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Is Your Target Audience too General?

Is your target audience too general? Likely. Most of us haven’t done a deeper dive into who they are and then asking ourselves who am I selling to? Why would they buy from me?

Jim gave an example of often we might say “Realtors.” This is too general.

What are their hot buttons? How can we persuade them to buy from us? How are you going to emotionally going to reach them? Do realtors need what you are offering? What do you want from them?

What are you doing to reach out to them?

He was sharing he used to be a Mortgage Broker and he wanted to get referrals from realtors, what he realized that their #1 goal is to be a Top Producer. In order to find those people, he need to find these top producers. He sent the articles, offered training and gave them updates and even comics in a newsletter 3x a week to three (3) contacts from each office in his area. They would have an opportunity to get to know him.

Realtors could be investors, builders, sellers, flippers are a few examples of what realtors could be.

Jim then said, he needed to find out “what makes them tick, it’s their characteristics, what are their hot buttons.

What does makes them tick?

Are they in a place of being where they want to be? How can you help your customers to get where they want to go?

I am attaching a training that I offer my clients when they don’t know exactly who their customer is. And if you said to me. It’s everyone!! Wrong answer!

This just means you don’t know who they are. OR otherwise no one.

Is Your Target Audience too General?  Creating-tribe-of-clients.pdf 

You can just click it and down load it, start filling out the details.

I just finished the PQ Coaching program for 7 weeks.. it’s learning about your saboteurs, we all have them. The top 3 which aren’t supporting us very well at all.  The class has end and someone posted this Ted talk by this surgeon. There is an assessment you can take to discover yours.

I thought it was worth sharing with you.. We all need mentors and coaches that give us insight on how we can improve our life, our business or teaching us about self-care.


This leads me into in serving you with a Small Business Advisory Forum. It’s been proven that businesses grow faster and better when they have an advisory group or board looking out for them.

I wrote about this in my previous post, check it out.  why start a biz at 60?  If you discover that your “Is Your Target Audience too General?” then it’s time go deeper.

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