Are You Showing Up?

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Are you showing up? Would you do business with an individual who has NO photo on their Linkedin profile? Let us know or why not. This question was asked by a member of Inbound Marketers. This has been a rule of mine when managing groups..some people really oppose in having a picture so they upload clip art or their art or an ad. Here’s what these people expressed their viewpoint about showing up on … read more..

You’ve joined Alignable, now what?

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You’ve joined Alignable, now what? You got your account set up, except that you haven’t filled your profile and you are wondering how to use the platform? Join me, as I help you onboard I have spoken to so many people, even the ones that I invited, joined when someone else invited you to join and now you say to yourself now what? People want to meet me and show them out to use … read more..

Creating a new you

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Creating a new you is about “Branding U.”Since 2018 is just around the corner, it’s a great time to make a plan in your promotional and marketing efforts. We all know that if you Google Branding, it will tell you it’s about creating your logo to brand your business. In this post I’m going to push it out further. Branding is your signature – what you present. Branding is also considered what your audience … read more..

How to Create Good Content

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How to create good content, is by providing customers with stellar content is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to drive more leads to a business. This is because the best content is strategic in nature. Good content has the potential to attract new customers, pique their interests and influence them to take next steps with the brand. For those who are curious about how to create good content, here are a … read more..

How to stop procrastinating

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How to stop procrastinating, it just happened again. That project or task you were supposed to work on weeks ago is due tomorrow and now you’re burning the midnight oil to get it done in time. image by Frustrated that you have done this to yourself yet again, you wish you knew how to stop procrastinating. Sound familiar? Are you continually scrambling to finish work you should have started weeks ago? REASONS WE … read more..

Are your clients lost?

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Are your clients lost? They can find you with this simple service called Proximity Marketing. The Royalty Gems work very well for most clients who are looking for you. Like the gal says in the video it’s a crowded market out there especially when you are trying to reach the service professional, who may not have a website just a name and number on their vehicles. Sedona Pies have been using them to direct … read more..

17 Ways to create a Marketing Funnel

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17 ways to create a Marketing Funnel, involves using a series of events that lead towards a defined goal, like from user engagement in a mobile app to a sale in an eCommerce platform or advertisement to purchase in online advertising. We need to keep the funnel going. Many of us have hidden profits in our business, so where is it? Do we know where to look to find the hidden profits or opportunities … read more..

Are you disallowing to keep your customers

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Are you disallowing to keep your customers by throwing out or giving the thumbs down to ideas to retain them. This post is about how to retain your customers/clients. I prefer to call them clients as if they have purchased from me, then I want to respect them enough for them to become more than just a customer. As they are invested in my success. I talked about forming an ideal client profile on … read more..

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