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Marketing news now, like I said in the intro if you want to subscribe just to the marketing topics, you can just enter your email and they will be sent out to you

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It usually only publishes new content, your will get my older content as well.. if you have any issues with it, please let me know. I’ve fixed a couple of other issues that didn’t have any content.

I am using  you can get a free account or paid account, create an RSS Campaign, select RSS and fill out the information on the next page.

Mailer Lite Rss

Each category or topic I write about on my blog, each topic get assigned a category and I used  a RSS validator to make sure the feed was correct.

With each topic if you have many articles that will be pulled and sent out you.  This newsletter may work for you and your readers.

I know some of The Artists, that I have spoken to, they do a newsletter separate..That’s great! This is just another way to do it.

Need help, just contact me.

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