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Videos: Let’s Get Social

Videos: Let’s get social  will help you  to have more marketing juice.  You’ll get found then redirect visitors to your website.

You can do them yourself, hire someone, buy yourself a flip camera or a Kodak video camera some cameras have a way to record a video. Now we have cell phones that take better pictures too!

Editing software like i-movie or final cut express can be found on your MAC, I think maybe Microsoft has something to edit with. Just not sure about this one. Other editing software you need to buy it.

There are many video services out in the marketplace right now, since it is highly recommended to use video’s as a marketing tool.

What you can do with video’s to help you market yourself is with a continuity program. A continuity program is where you keep it touch with your subscribers, clients and people you want to stay in engaged with. Each touch point or communication you do gives them an opportunity to get to know you better.

Personal Touchpoints
Video’s are also a way for you to instantly to connect with the new person. Your photo of yourself is another way to get rapport. It amazes me of how many people refuse to do it. ( this is another post)

Continuity Program

Using videos, it’s a great addition to be a part of your continuity program, this way you will be remembered, at the same time you don’t want to overdo it, otherwise you will turn people off.

For example I have a friend that is using Send Out cards as her continuity program, every time they have a Birthday or come into your restaurant, or they buys something from her they get a card. Insert an offering so they come back for more. You can do the same with Video’s.

Here’s seven ideas you can use video’s for:

  1. Recommendations
  2. Introductions
  3. Promote your upcoming event, webinar or promotion
  4. Share them on YouTube
  5. Share them on your blog
  6. Share them with friends
  7. Send out Birthday greetings

Read more under the topic of Marketing, Videos: Let’s Get Social it’s not just about video’s its about creating a complete strategy around marketing you and your business..


Mari-Lyn Harris

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