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Offering Benefits to Your Customers

By offering benefits to your customers like having a VIP Club will increase your customers participation by 1000%.

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When you give them something away for free, or something that will WOW them – it will make them to want to share with their friends and family. The results of having a VIP Club for your business – have been proven many times over to have the fastest return of your customers investment of time and money. Your customers want to be more engage with you..if you don’t have something set-up then it’s easy for them to walk away.

You will want your employees to become members of your VIP Club as part of their lives so they too can share with their friends and family.

The Benefits to your customers/partners/employees will help build an emotional connection with you, it shows that you appreciate them and validates the decision that they have made by hiring or working with you.

The Benefits for your business, it enables you to have loyal customers, who are willing to promote and share what you offer. You can have more purchasing power. It provides a clear path in communicating with them.

Take this perfect example that happened to me on Sunday.. I ordered glasses from Warby Parker – I love their philosophy of giving back. When you buy a pair of glasses from them, they give a pair away. The pricing is good too. The first pair I got, the prescription was out by -25. I returned them, they replaced them great for distance couldn’t read with them. Then, I was told my glasses were only single vision. They shipped out another pair..I went in to have my glasses adjusted so I could see better for driving. As it turns out – Jeremy the Optician, wasn’t happy, because he couldn’t adjust them so I could see properly. He’s having the 4th pair re-done and refunding all my money. This was totally unexpected – I just wanted the glasses to work.  This was a WOW experience as I did not expect to get my money totally refunded. Being NICE, has it’s benefits.

The Benefits of providing WOW customer service and having a VIP Club makes everything worth while. I’ve been tweeting, writing about my experience with Warby Parker.. I’m I guess what they call an evangelist.

Join Heart@Work’s VIP Club

We want to be able to give back to all those who have given us help, trust us in serving them, with mentorship and even participated in our Kindness events. For those of you who are ready to to be a part of something bigger and better for your business then.. please join us!

Some benefits:

+ List your business on the app’s network and share what you do..put in an offer for your 1st time customers and another one for returning customers.

+ When you download the app, you also have the benefits of saving money, getting cash back on your purchases through the VIP Club.

+ Share the app with your customers, employees, vendors and sales reps how they too can save money and promote their business just like what we are doing.

+ We’ll be offering contests

+ Networking opportunities

+ Getting e-books on how to save money, marketing and other bonuses.

Looking forward in serving you..if you are thinking you would like to have the benefits of a VIP Club, ask me how.. I can get you started.






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