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Relationship Marketing 4 Artists

Relationship marketing 4 artists, are the life blood of any business as your sales will come from people who admire your work.

Relationship marketing is where you will begin to have more sales.

Marketing is where you promote, share yourself and your art. You are the person people seek to know more about. Your Art is the product of which you are selling. By developing relationships with people who become your customers/buyers you will now begin to grow your business with relationships.

Getting sales is a challenge for any business, especially for artists, as they are more creative, emotionally attached to their art, you express yourself through your art. Developing relationships is where the sales process begins.

Let’s begin…

Relationship Marketing for Artists it will be a four (4) week program. Every week a “How to” will be presented in getting started in getting more sales through your relationships that you we begin to develop.

You’ll learn:
+ Formulate a relationship marketing strategy, what is important and what is not.
+ When is the best time to start
+ Who are the best people to approach

We’ll begin when there are 4 or more people per class..each meeting is for one hour each week for 4 weeks.

There are two offerings for this Relationship Art Marketing Class.

1. $98.00 includes a 30 minute private consultation and one (1) month or 4 week program. Value of this is $175.00.

2. $57.00 for (4) weeks.

2 offerings

Relationship Marketing 4 Artists

To your success!

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