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Simple Marketing for Artists

Simple Marketing ideas work the best for Artists.

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I’ve been speaking to many professionals who used to be Marketers, PR people who are just finding it more difficult to stay up the to pace of social media and all it’s directions. (likely the most of us)

If we do try to keep up, we just work ourselves up to a frenzy and wonder why nothing is working for us. Give yourself permission to step back and see what you can drop and which activities you would like to pursue more actively.

For myself, I am letting go of Marketing and Social Media services as there are so many new directions I could go..over the years I have had many passions and things I’ve wanted to pursue, this is what I am now focused on. You’ll find that I will be posting less. For the many Artists that have relied on me for how to’s and advice..many of my friends who are Speakers and Healers are also feeling frustrated in what used to work no longer works.

I just listened to a replay of a webinar about LinkedIn, they are doing more group work less money, and people who are promoting how to build your business with a blog – which by the way I feel is a great marketing tool, is reducing their high end pricing to reach more people. How about all those people I’ve admired and been on their mailing list and now all I get is a sales pitch of what is on sale? Sales isn’t done the way it used to be some Marketers and business owners are actually confusing the two together Marketing is now the new Sales?? Huh? I don’t get this one.

I’ve really pulled back on all the social media tools that are available to me, UNSUBSCRIBING to newsletters. Why? It’s just not the direction I’m going anymore, plus I just want to be simple in my marketing for the new direction. It will take all my energy and focus. More localized marketing, tools and of course developing relationships is always key.

I asked Artists form the Art Marketing group on LinkedIn, what their favorite Marketing Tips were, here’s what they’ve said, most of their ideas are simple.

Jim Gensheer 
Self-employed artist/teacher
 Maintaining your ‘contact/mail list, did I say “maintaining, maintaining is so important, and then consistently maintaining contact with those on it!

Laurentiu Todie 
Artist at Pixels Painting Since eBooks were mentioned, I just started to distribute some free books on iTunes and inexpensive screen savers through sEditions.

Sea Dean 
Author, Art Professional, Organiser, Consultant
 As with all products I have marketed, I’ve always found personal contact is key.

Michelle Powell 
Executive Director National Delphic Council, USA, & Artist. 
Maintaining relationships, although I’m not vastly good at it, I do have some clients who have had portraits done over a 20 year span. Most all of us can do better and would if it’s not too much time out of the studio.

Murray Bolesta 
OLIGARCH, Murray Bolesta Fine Art Prints. 
The #1 rule in marketing is to devote all possible resources to creating a more compelling product. In my case, more and better art. With a good enough product, a path will form to your door through word of mouth alone. Free internet venues are a fine laboratory and incubator. 

Mary Westheimer 
Business Manager at Kevin Caron Studios – Inspired sculpture for public and private places
Know who you want to reach (your audience), and what you want them to do (your goals). Success lies at the intersection. 

I agree that relationships are key, so here’s another one: “Your best prospects are your current customers.” 

One more: “Measure your results to know what your true successes and future paths are.

John Mavrakis 
Business Professional, Experienced Executive and Company Leader. 
 There is no single or simple solution to marketing art; or anything for that matter. It takes a lot of work, a diligence to stick to a plan, and continued efforts to staying relevant in everyone’s mind. 

There is no “one solution” that fits everyone, though there are some absolute paths that should be followed to stay focused with your marketing efforts to reach your realistic goals.

Hava Gal-On 
Contemporary Artist
 Expose yourself with a moderated thought-through strategy: be in the right places, mingle with the right people, promote yourself at the right time.

Reading their tips shows how what works for them. Some of us have a plan and know what we are doing next. The key thing I have learned over the years working with Artists, as creative as they are – they really work hard, ask questions and want to do everything better.

If you are an Artist and want to be a part of a group for encouragement, get some how to’s then here’s some great groups to join.

Art Morehead Art Faux Manages The Art Marketing group on LinkedIn.

Mari-Lyn Harris Manages this group..
Marketing for Artists on Facebook –

It’s time to get on the bus for simple marketing ideas to build your client base, not all my ideas will work for you, that is why I like to learn from others too!

What are your favorite Simple Marketing Ideas?
Leave your suggestions below in the comment box.


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