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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning for small business owners could also be called strategic marketing for developing a marketing plan. Listen to a call with Bonnie and myself.

This audio call was created when Bonnie and I created a safe space for small business owners about what is strategic planning and is there a difference in calling them tactics. “What is the balance of where I am going and how am I going to get there.”

What was surprising is how many people think planning is about the tactics, one needs a system and process first and then you fill in the tactics.

It’s really about planning your organization’s direction, I equate it to developing your blueprint of your business, it’s the foundation of your business. Then you work on how are you going to achieve the direction. This is where tactics are developed to help you drive the system and process to get you to where you want to be. Some people will call this goals.

What do you think strategic marketing is for you?

Did you resonate with some of the people who shared their ideas?

I hope you enjoy the call – please leave a comment of what you believe it is for you.


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