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How to Win Customers with Inbound Marketing

Internet advertising is increasingly important. What do you need for inbound marketing and how does it work?

Written by Michael Haschek in 2010 His blog

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An Overview

Basically, you need an interactive and attractive website to keep customers who are pushed to the site. Once on the site, you need to keep them there.

“Here are a few things to note,” advises Michael Haschek, IT Entrepreneur and Marketing specialist for Inbound Marketing,

• Content is king, and it must be interesting and deliver value for potential customers.

• There must be interactive “call to action forms” to capture the customer information (name, email etc).

• News about your company, products, pages of interest and equally as important as the website its self, the company (blog); every website needs one.

Web-sites must have order and alien themselves with search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. In order to attract customers to the web-site, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rules must be adjusted to search engine compatibility. In parallel, Social Media or networking such as a fan page on Facebook can be recommended, as this facilitates the communication and exponential growth rates in the fan base. In addition, favorable Facebook targeted advertising; PPC (pay per click) can attract potential clients, with Facebook being home to over 500 million people globally.

Social networking has made it possible to communicate with customers and supply continuous information with newsletters and other Internet feeds like Twitter. Haschek emphasizes, “It is important to establish a communication and follow-up with customers; only two percent of sales close on the first contact, three percent on the second contact and 81 percent close on or after the fifth contact!”

Inbound Marketing can target everyone, except specific groups or market segments. For example, tourism or catering, you can target areas locally or internationally. Inbound Marketing drives your outbound marketing efforts to understand the minds of potential customers.

What is inbound marketing?

The term “inbound marketing” was coined by HubSpot, a USA company. Inbound Marketing is the process of using specific Internet tools and actions to drive potential customers to a web presence. Once there, having attractive offers to give clients so you in turn get their name and email. Inbound Marketing works as the front end of Outbound Marketing. The difference is, Outbound Marketing (mass e-mails, flyers, and radio / TV commercials) works on the backend of the sales process.

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  1. Hello Mari-Lyn Harris and Ryan, guest poster 🙂

    Good tips about social media and brand management through social media channels.

    Good Reputation can take years and years to be build and just 1 second to be destroyed so it definitely requires extra effort to ensure that every piece of information published on the internet is good stuff worth syndicating 🙂


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