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Tweet Up’s

Tweet Ups – have you ever wondered who is the person behind the photo or logo in their profile? How would you like to meet them?

You coming to the Northern Arizona Tweet-up’s. By the way, I am also inviting people who are on Linkedin and would like to meet their connections as well. Soon everyone will be on both teams, Twitter and Linkedin.

What do we do at Tweet Up’s?

We gather for a social evening of fun, games and learning more about Twitter and Linkedin. Yes, there is a learning component to the networking.

I have decided to go with Twtvite, along with other cities who are using this great app to post and let other Tweeters know about Tweet Ups. We all encourage you to RSVP by using Twtvite. Why?

  • It helps the hosts to provide the food or appetizers that they may serve.
  • It will encourage other Twitter’s to come out and meet each other
  • As Twitter gets bigger, it allows us to meet more people..for friendship and business

To Host a Tweet Up, contact Mari-Lyn Send e-mail

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