What to Expect at a Twt Up

A Tweet Up is a Social Networking meeting, where you have an opportunity to meet your followers in person; to get to know other Tweeters that you aren’t following. It’s all about making friends.

• Each host provides an opportunity to get to know them personally and what services or products they offer. I certainly encourage you to find out what they offer and take a tour.
• We do a Raffle Fundraiser – $5.00 for eight tickets the money raised will go to a cause. Like Camp Soaring Eagle, Haiti, The Food Bank, Sanctuary…those who purchase tickets will have a chance to win the prizes. You are encouraged to give a Raffle Prize. Please no discounts off your services or products. It needs to be a stand-alone prize.
• If you are on Linkedin, join us for some Tweet Up networking.
• We share Twitter tips to learn from each other and just have fun!
• If you give us your e-mail address, we’ll send you the Twitter tips from each meeting

How will you know there is a Tweet Up?
We Tweet about them, so start following each other and they are posted on http://heartatworkonline.org/tweet-ups. They are also held on the second week of each month.

If you would like to host a meeting..contact:
Mari-Lyn Harris
t: 510-564-7880

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What to Expect at a Twt Up

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