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To Get Referrals

To get referrals you need to create or own social circle, the people are connectors who are willing to help you to grow your vision or business.

I’ve been writing about creating your own Social Circle Series. They are about developing your own business circles for referrals and how you can create your own. Sometime ago I facilitated what I called it “Power Marketing” a workshop on how to grow your business through referrals, this is what the Social Circle Series has been about.

One thing that I noticed in referral clubs is the lack of training. Why no training? Because training is harder than setting up a meeting and talking.

It’s unfortunate that’s how these club owners felt. I see both sides, but I’ve felt if you provide more value then you will retain more clients.

My main business is offering Marketing & Social Media Services for food entrepreneurs and socially-conscious businesses. Since I wanted to differentiate my business, I thought back to all the things I have done to help people transform their businesses. I came up with..creating ‘Social Circles’.

Social Circles are referral groups with a vital difference: training and practice in Internet-based marketing tools. 
Training is one of the most requested services for any association. Why? Because busy association members often don’t have the time to search out good training.

Social Media today is more of a self-taught thing: if you want to know something about a tool you study it and try it out right? Then you move onto another one. Most of us, are learning how to use the various tools and resources that are available to us and feel sometimes they are a BIG waste of time.

You’ll get the training in how to get referrals and learn how to use various Social Media tools that will make a difference for you. Do you remember when I said, 90% of businesses use referrals or get sales through their relationships? That’s what Social Circles will provide you. Referrals.

Social Media & Referrals. This is the key for any business, whether you are a Sales Rep, a Solo-Entrepreneur or a Small Business Owner.

A Social Circle is about getting referrals for your business by using Social Media Networking. These are the benefits and what you will be learning is how to:

✓ Set up your HUB to grow an dynamic presence online
✓ How to create your profile and why it is important to have one
✓ How to get referrals by developing trusted relationships
✓ You’ll save time in this group rather than learning how to do it all on your own.
✓ You’ll learn how to use FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogging to use for your marketing mix
✓ Learn how to do Video testimonials
✓ You’ll get a profile page with a link to your HUB.
✓ Ongoing support and help in using Social Media & Referrals
✓ Weekly meetings

” Transform your Business by joining a Social Circle” is the best way just to get referrals. Read the other related articles about the social circle

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