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Wanting a Few More Customers?

Wanting a few more customers? It’s a challenge that most of us suffer from. How do we overcome this?.

Money Tree

The solution is called Paid2Save. This is a wonderful service, that works like the Entertainment books -except it’s all on line. Using an mobile app, if you don’t have a smart phone you can still use your computer. You can post your offers for free, support your local merchants and save money all at the same time.

Even though I was introduced to this concept awhile ago, I was in a different head space than I am now. I revisited the site, spoke to my girlfriend who’s been doing this for over a year now. What I really like about it now, is that Non-profits can now sign-up for FREE and can share in the revenue, When people shop under their affiliate site, the shared revenue goes towards their organization.

I like it, as it helps startups, businesses and nonprofits to make money and get more customers. Its really a WIN, WIN for everyone.

If you are a business/merchant that would like more customers, or you know of a non-profit that could use some more money for their programs. Let me know!! You could also visit the website to see if it’s of interest to you.

Then let’s chat, open to questions.


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