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What is the Best Social Buzz have you created?

What is the best Social Buzz you have created and what kind of results did you have? Leave your comments, so we can learn from each other.


Even for someone that hasn’t yet, you can still create a Social Buzz for your business or cause. When I think of all the Social Buzz’s that happen, take a look at #GivingTuesday. They got the buy in from the Mayor of New York, any many more Executive Directors and companies.

Sol Adler, executive director, 92Y
“Communities like ours are about opening doors and bringing people together. #GivingTuesday allows us to create a new kind of community – across geographical borders – around the idea of ‘doing good.’ Giving Tuesday rose quickly on Twitter, become the talk of the town. Read more

I asked this question on LinkedIn – “What was the best Social Buzz you have created, what worked and what didn’t? Here are a few answers:

How is William T. Cooper create his buzz for his fan page? He kept promoting his page to his audience, people who are Christians. Over a years time, he’s gotten over 1,500,000 Fans. How did he do it? He told me it would cost me to find out. To me, it is obvious, when you target your message to your audience it works.

Dave Maskin doesn’t spam people he just answers questions on LinkedIn, shares his pearls of wisdom, participates in group discussion on LinkedIn. He says, “Be a giver, don’t always promote yourself, you’ll create “Buzz” without any blatant spamming.

Axel Schultz his awareness initiative for Digital Sunrise Europe where we reached over 90 Million impressions during the conference and were trending in Twitter in three countries was probably one of the coolest buzz initiatives. 

A few others where very interesting as well as we created a buzz with only 12 people getting a report to number one on Google within 5 days despite the fact that the largest ad agency had the same name and “owned” the pole position. 

And then there were a few more that lead a blog post rise to 24,000 views and so forth 🙂

Wendy Soucie, ran a large effort to promote an event with Chris Brogan and even wrote a blog post about it. I learned a lot about the level of effort and asking early and often for my social ecosystem to help and share into their networks. I also learned that giving them 3-5 things to take action on each time was helpful since if they did even one action item it was a step to spread the message. Read more what they did to create a buzz about their Social Media event. The article is no longer available.

Even though I’ve just launched the Kindness@Work e-book on World Kindness Day, I discovered that even though I put out some take action things to do, only a small percentage of people did do something. However there are two more action steps that I want to do, so it’s not over yet. What I know from doing other initiatives, everyone that says, YES! sometimes they just don’t.

Currently seeking book reviews and this is working out best by asking people if they would be willing. This is working, it will lead up to next promotion.

Do you have a Social Buzz that you created? What worked and what didn’t? Leave your comments below and let’s learn from each other.

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