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What kind of Entrepreneur are you?

What kind of Entrepreneur are you? There are many kinds of Entrepreneurs and business owners you’ll want to be sure you work for the right one that fits your values.

There are variety of different kinds and ways in which they do business. You want to be sure that you can work within their style. When you decide to work in the Direct Sales arena you want to pick someone that you feel good about, not just because they are well-known or famous.

A Social Entrepreneur will tend to have a business who desires to help improve and transform our world or social conditions. They are ambitious, they don’t like something in the world and go out and change it. They are driven by a emotional desire to change social and economic conditions like poverty, homelessness, hunger or health issues. They aren’t motivated by profits but by the social change they are able to make. Zahra said, “Social entrepreneurs make significant and diverse contributions to their communities and societies, adopting business models to offer creative solutions to complex and persistent social problems”.

A Social Entrepreneur is open to ideas, willing to develop innovative solutions, sometimes seek sponsors to help them move along their cause.

A Serial Entrepreneur is one who continually comes up with new ideas and starts new businesses and is can take on a higher propensity of risk for innovation and achievement. The challenge with this kind of Entrepreneur that they can get unfocused at times. As they have many projects going on at once. Some people may think that they are all over the place..they are not, they are just keeping their options open especially when there are social and economic factors in the play. Like little or no jobs, or they have so much experience that they become more risk takers.

Lifestyle Entrepreneurs places passion before profit when it come to launching a business, they like to combine personal interests and talent with the ability to earn a living. Some hobbies should not become a business. Some Entrepreneurs are motivated to make their business profitable in order to sell to shareholders. In contrast, a lifestyle entrepreneur intentionally chooses a business model intended to develop and grow their business in order to make a long-term, sustainable and viable living working in a field where they have a particular interest, passion, talent, knowledge or high degree of expertise. Many of these people are self-employed, doing Direct sales, have control in their own life like with Baby Boomers, or those between 25 and 40.

Cooperative Entrepreneur is someone who doesn’t like to work alone rather they like to collaborate with other Entrepreneurs to develop projects. Everyone comes to the table with their own expertise and skill set and collectively they share in the risk and success of the venture.

Once you know what kind of Entrepreneur you are it is easier for you to move forward with your new business or project. And if you decide to work for one, you’ll know the type that will work best for you. Even though this describes the types of Entrepreneurs, you also want to consider their personalities. Can you work with them? Do you want to?

I hope this helps you to define you, so you are a better Entrepreneur. If you are open to explore having more success in your business consider in joining an Empowerment group. More details are on this page.

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