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What products or services do your clients expect?

What products or services do your clients expect from you? It’s a great question, too often we take the lazy way out by saying, value, good prices and services.

This may be true in some cases. It’s not quite enough. Have you asked your customers what they want and expect of you? Are the answers what you would expect to get from a supplier or an artist of whom you buy from. What are your expectations you are willing to accept from someone who you buy from? You may just want to write out a list of things that are important for you and begin to offer them to your clients. It’s called making them personalized to each client you have.

Being Good is NOT Good Enough
What extra value are you offering to retain your clients? This comes back to what you think your clients want from you.

What Your Clients Want
These suggestions are from the Ask Method.

Find out from your clients what they want and give it to them. If you aren’t sure what they are go a Google search “Best ___(your product/services)________________________ for them” (them being the place or people) Submit.

Here’s a couple I did for artists.
Best art work for the dining room – hit enter. This is one of the Home Decor links that came up.

How about garden decor. Best art work for the garden outside

Best customer retention strategies

Are you getting the picture? In the ASK Method, they break it down to buckets, most often we have three or four buyers that we serve. Think of yourself as a supplier, you are likely going to have more than one client, more likely two or three.

I hope this helps you to plan and to expand your business for 2019.

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