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Why should you follow your passion?

Why you want to consider why should you follow your passion or starting your own business.

Why you want to consider why should you follow your passion or starting your own business. With the job market overflowing with talent, you likely have come to the conclusion that is getting tough out there. We need to become our own free agents. Whether we like it or not. You are not just competing against other professionals, you are competing agains the shifts in the marketplace itself.

For example have you noticed that companies are hiring more interns to do their Social Media? One place I found said, they were only hiring people who would work 30-60 days no pay and if they liked your work they would make you an offer. Sounds too much like slavery to me.

One guy I was speaking to, said employers are really hesitant to make the wrong choice for the position, so they are stalling even hiring at all. Or they are taking a long time to decide who to hire. I encouraged him to represent himself as his own independant counsel to help other Entrepreneurs and Business Owners.

You need to really stand out from the rest of the crowd fron the other applicants. Otherwise you are just doing the same things as thousands of other people out there are doing. Stop it!

Did you know that more companies are outsourcing rather than hiring inhouse? Between 2007 and 2008, financial, information, and professional service jobs were outsourced at an average rate of 5.4% (PDF). John McCarthy of Forrester Research predicts that at least 3.3 million white collar jobs and $136 billion in wages will shift from the U.S. to low-cost countries by 2015.

To beat the odds, you need to find a niche and service it. You are likely a professional that has experience that would be more valuable, if you were a contractor or had your own business. As an independent consultant you absorb the costs of benefits, and is a low-propostion for employers or other companies who could use your services, however, may not want to hire someone on a full-time or part-time basis. It also gives you the opportunity to show them what you can do, a possibliy get hired on later.

The truth of it is, that we all need support and encouragement when we venture on our own. Many years ago, after I started to be a consultant myself, I started to teach other people how to be consultants..the economic climate in the mid 90’s was about the same..just maybe not as drastic as it is now.

It’s time to grow BIG today. Don’t sell yourself short. One of my friends has the education, the skills and experience, however she has a hard time finding work..she said, when you have been out of work for awhile you don’t know if you ought to start at the bottom again, or at the same level you were at when you left your last job. It’s not effective to downgrade yourself or lower your skill set. De-valuing yourself is not competitive because now you are in direct competion to the low-cost, less-skilled people.

How do you win BIG time? Find a niche that you would like to serve, brand yourself as _______ and join a Mastermind group to empower yourself. Your new clients will appreciate you and you will begin to make more money and be happier.

Make things happen for yourself by growing and prospering your future than just being umemployable and frustrated. If you don’t change things now. who knows what will happen? One thing for sure you’ll start living your dreams again or at least dream again.

It’s Time to grow BIG, decide today to believe in yourself and your possibilities. the Empowerment groups are here to support you too!

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